Manage account

You have the possibility to ma​​nage your Project Plan 365 subscription account and find related information about your account and the subscription associated with your account. To manage your account, you will first need to sign in into your Project Plan 365 account.

TIP: If you're looking for how to assign Project Plan 365 subscription, see Assign your subscription.

To access the Manage Account functionality, perform the following steps:

      1. Open an application, such as Project Plan 365 for Windows.  

      2. In the upper right corner of the app's window, click Sign In. (If you see a name instead of Sign In, it means you're already signed in to the app.)


      Besides this, you can also Sign In from the File menu. To this end, select File and in the backstage menu, press on Account. Then click on Sign In button.


       3. Once you've done this, a Sign In dialog will be displayed, which requires you to specify a valid email address and a password, necessary to sign in with your Universal Projects Subscription account. In case you don't have yet a Universal Projects Subscription account, press on Sign Up to create a new account.


        4. After you signed in into your account, head to the upper right corner of the app's window, press on the arrow and select Manage Account.


      Besides this, you can access the Manage Account option from the File menu. To this end, select File and in the backstage menu, press on Account. Then under User Information, click on Manage Account button.  


        5. You will be directed to a webpage, where you must enter your email address and password, and after signing in, an Account Information webpage will be displayed. The Account Information webpage shows various information regarding your subscription such as: type of subscription (either for Advanced Viewer or Complete Editor), subscription status (indicating if your subscription is active or has expired), and the start and end date for your subscription. Besides this, you have the possibility to renew or buy more subscriptions. You can also Upgrade to Business.


       In case you started a trial, but not yet purchased a subscription, the Subscription type will end with "Trial".


      In case you signed up for a Individual Subscription account, but have not started a trial or purchased a subscription using this account, the following information will appear in the Account Information webpage: