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When you modify an object in your project, like a calendar or table, or create a custom view, they are only available and saved with the current project. However, you can use the organizer tool to move views and other elements, such as calendars, groups, views, tables and filters between project file and the global template. The global template is a special template that is associated with every project file. Copying an element to the global template makes it available to all your projects, so that you can reuse custom or modified objects. In the organizer dialog box, for all the existing tabs (Calendars, Groups, Views, Tables and Filters), the left side contains a list of all the customized elements from the global template file, whereas in the right side there is a list of all the customized elements available in the currently opened project file.

For instance, if you have defined your own Gantt Chart view that includes cost columns, you can use the Organizer tool so that you can use this customized view in your further projects. In this sense, you should locate the Views tab from the Organizer dialog box, select the view from the list on the right side referring to your current project and use the Copy button to copy the custom view to the global template. From now on, all your projects will have this custom view available to them.

Besides copying, other operations supported by the organizer tool are: delete and rename.