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What does the “Resource Merge” functionality do?

The “Resource Merge” functionality allows you, after you consolidate files into a master project file, to combine the resources from all subprojects.

The changes made to a resource in a master project will be reflected in the subproject?

You can change resource information in the master project and the changes will be replicated in the subproject's source file.

Where can I see all the merged resources into a plan?

You can view all resources in the master project and subprojects together in the Resource Sheet view, resource can be edited /assigned.

What happens on resource merge if I have a different standard rate for a resource in two subprojects?

On resource merge, Project Plan 365 app will calculate an average of standard rates.

Note: If the same resources are used in multiple subprojects, you see just one resource name because the resources are combined. However, it is recommended to use organization resource pool then assign the resources in different subprojects.