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I want to cancel the subscription.

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If you downloaded the trial version from App / iTune Store then Apple store will bill you automatically after 30 days.

You need to make sure you cancel your subscription before 30 days. We have no access to your account and cannot reach them on your behalf.


In Windows Store - they will ask you to confirm that you agree with purchase so you can say No.


And with the account created on our website - we do nothing - the only thing it’s that once the trial expires you will not be able to use it until you purchase it.

What subscription I need to edit the file?
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You can purchase the Individual Subscription that costs $129.99 USD/user/year or the Business Subscription that add other features including real time collaboration, master project and subprojects, resource pool and access to our private Drive 365 cloud at $199.99 USD/user/year.
Is there a free version that I can use?
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How can I revert to Individual subscription after I started the Business Trial?
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1. Go to Online Portal page
2. Sign In with your email and password
3. If you have files in Drive 365, please save them to your local machine
4. Then, in Account page, click on Cancel Subscription button
5. Sign Out and back Sign In inside application with your email and password

Can you send invoice after purchase?

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We automatically sent you the invoice attached to the confirmation order email. We send the confirmation order email on the email address you used when you placed the order.

If I buy the Mac version and I am able to use it also on my iPad?

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Please make sure you downloaded and installed our latest application from App Store.
Open application
Go to menu Help->Subscriptions
Press on Restore Complete Editor Subscription
Wait confirmation message
If you don’t have a Project Plan 365 account, Sign Up in our Online Portal page:
Sign In with your email and password inside application in order to copy the subscription information from App Store to your Project 365 account.
Then, if you want to use the subscription on other device or platform you need to download and install on that device the latest app from the link below:
Then, Sign In with your email and password inside Project Plan 365 application (look upper right corner for Sign In button).
If you use the Mac platform, please read the article below:
If you use the iOS platform, please read the article below:

Where is the registration key?

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Sign in with your email/password from the project plan 365 app(look upper right corner for sign in button)
For more information read our online help:

Please send me a quote for Project Plan 365 so it can be installed on a Mac
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On our website or in App Store we offer the Individual Subscription model at $129.99 USD/user/year and with one simple Sign In you can use our product on multiple devices and multiple platforms.

I want to know if there were any discount to an individual subscription.

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Thank you for your interest in our product!

We are sorry but, for individuals, we don’t have a discount at this time. Also, I think our rate is more convenient than other alternative apps.

With this subscription you can edit your files on any platform, just by signing in inside application.

I'm looking to purchase 5 licences for Project Plan 365, could you please give me prices and if you have package deal?

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The price for Individual Subscription is $129.99 per user per year. The total cost for 5 users is $649.95.
The price for Business Subscription is $199.99 per user per year. The total cost for 5 users is $999.95.
You can purchase the licenses from the link below: