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1) There is a WBS numbering issue. I did cut and paste some individual tasks into new summary level tasks, and I think that it carried over the legacy WBS numbers.
2) The TEAM menu has an export as PDF feature (nice) but does not lead the user through a print dialogue. I do not want to print the legend. Perhaps this is something you can address. (I have a work around for print to my PDF tool).
3) On occasion, I cannot add resources from my resource table to the Gantt via the resource drop down menu. Again, I discovered a work around so I can delete and re-add the activities that are ‘locked up’ from adding resources.

The “ WBS numbering” and “cannot add resources” issue was fixed.
Please download and install the latest app from link below:

I purchased the Advanced Viewer for my iPhone. and Project Plan 365 for my PC almost a year ago. Now we want to use it with a small team and maybe upgrade. But can't find my account. Tried to create one but it registered as a new trial. HELP

The Project Viewer for iPhone(IOS) can be activated using your store account, on application go on File –Account – Manage Apple Store Subscriptions- Press –Restore View Only Subscription – button ( if you have planner subscription please press Restore Editor Subscription)
For Project Plan for PC you need a universal key solution. Please try our universal subscription solutions, download Project 365 app for all available platforms(Win, Mac, IOS or Android):
You can register here:
To access our Project 365 application online and sign in using your credentials:

I have bought a licence but have not been given the registraion key.

No need for product key, just sign in with your email/password from the project plan 365 app(look upper right corner for sign in button)

For more information read our online help:

I have it on my windows tablet and want to use One Drive on my desktop to use it?

You may access the MPP files stored on OneDrive cloud, enabling distributed teams to work in an efficient way.
To access a project plan from OneDrive you first need to locate the Open from OneDrive menu option and then type in the login credentials information. This step will be skipped automatically by OneDrive if the user is already authenticated. Permit to the application to connect to the required services and then in the Choose project form, select the project you want to open and click on Open button.
If you have a Business account, select OneDrive for Business.
If you have a regular account, select OneDrive.

Hello,I'm writing to you about some program issues.1. Progress line and progress point are not in sync for some reasons.2. Progress line is gone after reopening same file(it was saved with lines and after opening the lines are gone)

Your reported issue was fixed.
Please download and install the latest app from link below:

I've looked through your documentation and clicked through the toolbars / menus.Is there a way to scale the task sheet?I've got a big monitor and I want to be able to "zoom in" on the task fields rather than changing font size then changing it back when I share a plan.Can you please point me in the right direction?

On touch enabled displays standard zoom gestures are supported.
For non-touch displays we support Windows Display option – “Change the size of text, apps, and other items”.
Thank you for your time and consideration!

I am accessing some task to change predecessors, but they do not auotmatically move. It keeps the start date and duration as priority, rather then logic links I am giving with predecessors. For example one task is Finish to finish with the previous one with a lag of 7 days (so it should finish 7 days later). It does not move it!

Yes, the reported issues is not a issue, also in MSP when a task have progress(%>0 ) the start dates is not changed when user try to change predecessors or change project start date or any other actions.
"If a task has any actuals applied, such as an actual start date or a percentage of work completed, the task can't be rescheduled any earlier than the date when the task actually began. If no progress is entered and the task has an inflexible constraint, the constraint can take precedence over task dependencies."
Solution: Please remove % complete values then try again to change predecessors value ​

Hello,Is it possible to add resource types as indicated in the below screenshot “Cost”,If yes how to do, currently only able to assign Material and Work, the “Cost” is not available and have not been able to find a way to enable the type “Cost” anywhere.Resources “work”, used for equipment and humans where charges are per hour of usage.Material only for parts and equipment subject for procurement, still trying to find a way for a flexible entry of more than one item (purpose would be for Estimated spare parts and Actual parts used during a project of repair work(s).The variable with “Cost” would be great, if it can be enabled

Resource type cost is now available in our products!

Please download and install the latest app from link below:

I am having a minor issue that I hope you can give me directions to solve.
I want to split a task. I follow the instructions from the web help site. I try to follow the instructions exactly.  It says something like, click on the task, have cursor where I want split to occur, hit the split, move to new place to restart the task and hit enter. What happens is when I hit split screen button, it just opens the split screen mode. The help instruction page show the tab icon as a “break” not s split. I think that difference is akey to what I’m doing wrong.I’m sure I’m just missing something small, but I can’t figure it out.

Split task functionality is now available in our products!
Please download and install the latest app from link below:

 A Project Plan file was sent to me from an individual using a mac. I have Project Plan 365 on a PC. I cannot open the document. The document is somewhat large.
Can you assist me in opening the document on my PC or will this be incompatible because it was originated on a mac?
Thank you for any assistance that you can render.

Our development team fix your reported issue:
Please download your product from the link below: