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What does the “Download” functionality do?

The “Download” functionality allows you to download and install our Project Plan 365 app on your local device.

How do I download the Project Plan 365?

To download the latest version of Project Plan 365 please go to the Download Project Plan 365 page - select the Platform and click on Download Project Plan 365 button.

How can I enable auto updates so I can get the latest version of the application?

We don’t have an automatic update feature, if you want to install our latest version, you need to manually uninstall the old version and install the latest version from our Website

I have just renewed by subscription for Project Plan 365 and your confirmation email suggests I should download the software again. Is this correct?

We suggest to uninstall the current version and install our latest version from the link below: Download

Step by step on how to download the Project Plan 365 from our website:

1. Go to our Download page.

2. Select the platform and click on the Download Project Plan 365 button.