FAQ Project Plan 365
I would like to know how to compare x2 separate project
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You can compare two projects by going to menu Report and press on Compare button.
For more information, please read the following articles:

How can I assign an email address to a subscription?
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Please sign in with your email and password to the link below:
After this, in Account Information page, click on “Assign” button associated with Complete Editor or Advanced Viewer row.
In Add User section, insert the email address and press on Add button.
If you need more info, please read the article below:

I want to know if prices could be disclosed in Danish kroner.And if this is the price for 5 users or per user
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The price is only disclosed in USD.
For 5 users, you have a discount of 5% per license. The price for one lincese is $123.49 per user per year. The total cost for 5 users is $617.45.

My Project Plan 365 for Mac don’t let me work like I was not Paid but is payed
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Please make sure you downloaded the product from apple store.
First please check if you are signed in on App store with the account used to buy the subscription (to find this info, open App Store, Click on Store and see what’s on ‘View My Account’)
also please make sure you have now on MAC the same Region (the same with Region when you purchase the application from store)
In Purchase Additional Functionalities dialog Press Restore Editor Subscriptions
Wait confirmation message
Restart application
After restart, application will be unlock.

I have a laptop and a desktop. If I buy a license, can I put it on both machines? I’m on a mac and can purchase through the Mac store.
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In order to use the full editor on multiple platforms (MAC (laptop and desktop), iPad, Windows, Android) you should purchase a Universal Platform Subscription (UPS).
You can purchase the full editor subscription from the link below:
In order to use the UPS subscription you need to download and install our latest app from the link below:
If you want to download the product from apple store, please use the link below:
In order to use the UPS subscription, just sign in with your email/password from the project plan 365 app (look upper right corner for sign in button).
For more information read our online help:

I am always logged in and when I make formatting changes they are not saved. Also some icons in the various tabs are not lit up.
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The formatting buttons like Text Style, Font, Bar are available only in Gantt Chart view.
Maybe you are in Tracking Gantt view and that’s why the buttons are inactive.
Please switch to Gantt Chart view and try to make formatting changes.

I would like to cancel the membership and seeking your support on the refund please.
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Our sales are final because we offer 30 days of trial version of the fully functional product - see below link, which is displayed when placing the order.

How can I cancel my trial on Project Plan 365 for Windows downloaded from your website?
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No need to cancel your trial. You won't be charged after your trial ends.
My colleague is not able to open the file with MS project 2008. I have created the project plan using project plan 365 for Mac and my colleague is using Microsoft project 2008 and he is unable to open the plan.
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You can open the mpp file in any version starting with Microsoft Project 2010.
I'm trying to figure out how schedule something at shows holidays and weekends off for a project. When i input the data it includes both weekends and certain holidays.
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In order to know how to use the calendars and set holidays and nonworking days, please read the training article below:

Also you can watch a video about using calendars here:

For more information, please read our training lessons or online help articles.