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How to open a file from iOS device from Files App?
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In order to open a mpp, Excel or CSV file in Project Plan 365 directly from Files app you first need to navigate to the desired file. After this, you can either tap on the file (if Project Plan 365 is the default app) or long press on the file, select Share from the popup and then choose “Open in Project Plan 365”. The desired file will then be opened in our app. For more information about Files app please check: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT206481.

I cannot see the Project Plan 365 folder on my iOS device.
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If you don't see Project Plan 365 folder in “On my [device]” section (or you don’t see “On my [device]” at all in Files app) it means that you have no projects saved in Project Plan 365.

Use these steps to view projects created with Project Plan 356 in Files app:
1. Open Project Plan 365.
2. Create a new file or open an existing one from a cloud location.
3. Make the desired changes to the project, if needed.
4. Go to File - Save as - Device, enter a name for your file and press Save.
5. Open Files app. Now, in “On my [device]” section you should see a folder called “Project Plan 365” and inside this folder the file you just saved.

What does the “Task Information” functionality do?
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The Task Information as the name describes it, allows edit or view basic information about the selected task you can change:
1. Task durations and indicate whether the durations are estimated or set.
2. Progress on a task by entering the percentage of completion.
3. Task start or finish date to set a Start No Earlier Than or Finish No Earlier Than constraint.

How is the information organized in Assignment Information dialog?
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The information in assignment information dialog is organized in three tabs: General, Tracking and Notes.
1. General tab: displays basic information regarding the assignment such as task, resource, work, work contour, start and finish dates, cost rate table, units, booking type, cost, assignment owner
2. Tracking tab: displays information such as task, resource, work, actual work, actual start, actual finish, actual cost, % work complete, remaining work, cost rate table
3. Notes tab: displays the notes for a resource assignment (in case there is any)

Can I customize the Resource Usage view?
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To make the Resource Usage view fit your needs exactly, you can customize it or create a new version. When you close your project, the customized view will be lost. To customize the Resource Usage view, you can:
1. Display different resource information.
2. Display information in different timescales.
3. Change the units of time that are displayed to view your project at the level of detail you need.
4. View usage information for a specific time period.

When should I use the Resource Usage view?
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Use the Resource Usage view when you want to:
1. View information on a resource's task assignment, such as cost, work allocation, and work availability.
2. See which resources are overallocated and by how much.
3. View assignments more evenly among resources.
4. Find out how many hours each resource is scheduled to work.
5. See the work capacity (in terms of a percentage) for each resource.
6. View how much time each resource has available for additional work assignments.
7. View each resource's work progress in days, weeks, months, or other time increments.
8. View resource costs.
9. View the amount of work a person spends on a task.

What does the “Split” functionality do?
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The “Split Tasks” functionality, as the name describes it, allows the possibility to interrupt work on a task, due to cases such as an unplanned event or even a task reprioritization, you can split the task so that part of it starts later in the schedule. This might match the situation where the work for a task in your project needs to start, then stop somewhere in the middle of the task, and then resume at a later date.

In this way, Project Plan 365 gives you the possibility to account for interrupted work, when an issue arises that causes a non-work period delay in the schedule. This allows for the individual task duration to remain the same, while potentially extending the duration of the project.

You can split a task into as many sections as you need. However, you can only split a task into the smallest increments shown on the timescale view in the bar chart area of the Gantt Chart. For example, to split a task by hours, ensure that the smallest time increment that appears in the timescale area is given by hours.

How can be set the Progress Lines?
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The Progress Lines can be set using the Dates and Intervals tab in the Progress Lines dialog box to set preferences for the way you want to display dates and intervals with progress lines.

You can:
1. Display progress lines at regular intervals.
2. Display progress lines based on a specific status date.
3. Display progress lines for specific dates you select.
4. Display progress lines compared with the baseline plan or to the actual plan.

What are the available views in More Views dialog?
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The available views in More Views dialog are:
1. Bar Rollup
2. Descriptive Network Diagram
3. Detail Gantt
4. Leveling Gantt
5. Milestone Dates Rollup
6. Milestone Rollup
7. Multiple Baselines Gantt
8. Task Sheet
9. Resource Allocation
10. Resource Form
11. Resource Name Form
12. Task Details Form
13. Task Form
14. Task Name form

How to change a view in a Split Window?
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1. Click anywhere in the top or bottom view.
2. On the View Bar, click the view that you want to appear in the bottom pane.
3. If you want to use a view that is not on the View Bar, click on More Views button, and then click on the view that you want to use and then press on Apply button.
4. For example, when you select any task in the top view and the Resource Usage view is in the bottom pane, the bottom pane shows the resources assigned to the tasks selected in the top pane, along with information about those resources. The resource information shown pertains to all assigned tasks for each resource, not just to the tasks selected in the top pane.

How to use the Scroll Bars?
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1. Use the vertical scroll bar to move up and down.
2. To scroll one row or column in a given direction, click the arrow at the appropriate end of the scroll bar.
3. To scroll one full window in a given direction, click the shaded area of the scroll bar on the appropriate side of the scroll box.

How to "Split Window"?
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1. To split the window/screen, go to menu Window - Split.
2. When you first click on Split button in menu, the Task Form view will appear in the bottom pane.
3. If you right-click in the form, you can select what information is shown in it. There is a resource form and a task form.

How can I download the updated app?
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To download the latest version of Project Plan 365 please go to the https://www.projectplan365.com/download/ page - select the Platform and click on Download Project Plan 365 button.

How do I create a dashboard file?
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Before creating a Dashboard, you need to make sure that your projects are uniform.
1. Resources shared across multiple projects must be identical in all projects (Name, Calendar, Max. Units, Std. Rate, Ovt. rate, Cost / Use, etc.) in order to be correctly aggregated.
2. All included projects must have the same calendar options.
3. Work must be entered in the same unit type in all projects (and selected as Work Unit in the New Dashboard dialog).
4. All projects should have the same currency (and selected as dashboard Currency in the New Dashboard dialog). If a different currency is selected, no conversion will be performed. Click on Report tab – Dashboard – Select the desired settings – click Save.

I want to export my plan, but it keeps showing me an alert box saying "There is no email, you need to configure an email account to use this feature" after I choose any option in export to (pdf, image, mpp)

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The message that you received should only appear if you don't have an email account set up and emails cannot be sent. This is not our implementation, we just ask the system if a mail can be sent and if the answer is Yes we then proceed with our implementation. Please check Settings - Contacts - Default account to make sure the correct account is set. Also you need to make sure that you have the correct credentials in Mail app. We found a discussion thread about a similar issue, maybe it helps: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4733175
Is there a free version that I can use?
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You can access the Free Viewer online application at: https://www.projectplan365.com/projectviewernow/tViews.aspx.

Is there an instructional video that can be downloaded for review to first time users?
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You can read our online training that has also videos included: https://www.projectplan365.com/training/. Or you can access our youtube channel, that includes training videos, from the following link: https://www.youtube.com/user/HousatonicSoftware/videos​​​​.

I have an issue opening a mpp file.
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​​If you have issue opening a .mpp file you might be in one of the following cases:
1. You are trying to open a newer MS Project mpp file with an older version of our app.
2. You may have a corrupt mpp file.
3. There may be a bug in our system.

How do I silent install Project Plan 365 for Windows Pc/Server?
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To Silent Install Project Plan 365 please read this article: https://www.projectplan365.com/articles/silent-installuninstall-project-plan-365-for-win-pcserver/.

What are the differences between Microsoft Project and Project Plan 365 for Windows?
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Please see the list with the comparison between Project Plan 365 for Windows and Microsoft Project: https://www.projectplan365.com/articles/project-plan-365-pc-versus-microsoft-project-2016-comparison/.

How can I delete a mpp file from iOS device?
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To delete a mpp file from an iOS device please do next steps:
1. Open application.
2. Go File - Open from Device
3. From File Explorer locate mpp to delete.
4. Long tap on mpp icon until delete options appear.

How can I use the Dashboard?
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To learn more about Dashboard please read this article: https://www.projectplan365.com/articles/dashboard/.

How can I uninstall the application from Microsoft store?
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Please follow the steps below in order to uninstall Project Plan 365 from Microsoft Store:
1. Please go to Apps and Features. The right panel will be populated with the list of preinstalled Windows 10 apps that you can remove.
2. Click on the Project Viewer 365 app to see the options Move and Uninstall. Click on Uninstall to remove the application.

How do I install Project Plan 365 for Windows 7 Server?
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You can find the steps on how to install Project Plan 365 for Windows at: https://www.projectplan365.com/articles/install-project-plan-365-for-windows/.

What Arhitectures does Project Viewer for Windows Web/Server support?
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You can find the requirements for installation for Project Plan 365 on Web at: https://www.projectplan365.com/articles/install-project-viewer-365-for-windows-webserver/.