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What does the “Link Multiple Tasks” functionality do?

The “Link Multiple Tasks” functionality allows you to create a Finish-To-Start dependency for multiple tasks at the same time.

How do I link multiple tasks?

If you want to link multiple tasks with a Finish-to-Start (FS) dependency, select the block of tasks.

To select tasks that are next to one another, hold down SHIFT and click the first and last task that you want to link.

To select tasks that are not next to each another, hold down CTRL and click the tasks that you want to link.

In Task menu, press on Link button. 

Step by step on how to link multiple tasks:

1. In the Gantt Chart View, select multiple tasks.

2. Go to menu Task - Link.

3. Notice that Project Plan 365 creates a Finish-To-Start task link by default, which means that the second task can’t start until the first task finishes. You can change this task link to Start-To-Start, Finish-To-Finish, or Start-To-Finish.

Note: Later on, if you change your mind and want to remove the link dependency between these tasks, select the block of tasks that are linked together and use the Unlink option from the Task menu.