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What does the Overbudget Resources report? 

The "Overbudget Resources" report displays the resources whose costs are greater than their baseline costs.

How do I create Overbudget Resources report? 

In order to create the Overbudget Resources report for your plan, go to menu Report - Costs - Overbudget Resources. 

How do I export the Overbudget Resources report?

To export the Overbudget Resources report, go to menu Report - Costs - select the Overbudget Resources report - click Export - select the exporting format (Excel, Word, XML, PDF or image) and the location where you want to save it and click Save.

What does the “Help” button inside the “Choose Report” dialog do?

The “Help” button inside the “Choose Report” dialog redirects us to the “Custom Reports” article in our Online Help page.

Step by step on how to create Overbudget Resources report:

1. Open the desired MPP file.

2. Go to menu Report - Costs.

3. Select Overbudget Resources and click on the Select button.

4. The Overbudget Resources report is created.


ID - field contains the identifier number that Project automatically assigns to each task or resource as you add them to the project.

Resource Name - field contains the name of a resource.

Cost - shows the total scheduled or projected cost for a task, resource, or assignment, based on costs already incurred for work performed by resources assigned to the tasks, in addition to the costs planned for the remaining work.

Baseline cost - field shows the total planned cost for a task, a resource for all assigned tasks, or for work to be performed by a resource on a task.

Variance cost - field shows the difference between the baseline cost and total cost for a task, resource, or assignment.

Actual cost – field shows costs incurred for work already performed by resources on their tasks, along with any other recorded costs associated with the task.

Remaining Cost- field shows the remaining scheduled expense that will be incurred in completing the remaining scheduled work.