Save As MPP Files

The Save As functionality allows you to save your project plan without overwriting the previous version by choosing a new name and optionally a new location.

With this functionality, Project Plan 365 provides you with the ability to easily rename a MPP file, change its location, or create a new version in a matter of seconds.

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Save As MPP Files

Benefits of Saving As MPP Files

• Allows you to save a new or existing file to local device or any cloud storage location.

• Offers the possibility to enter a different name for your file or change the location where the file will be saved.

• Ensures not stripping out any of the accessibility improvements made on the original MPP file.

• Allows you to select the default location where your projects will be saved.

• The Save As functionality works on any operating system: WindowsMaciOSAndroid or any web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Internet ExplorerFirefoxEdge, etc.