For Event Planners, Exhibition Coordinators and Training / Meeting Managers

No matter if you are planning a meeting, a training or a wedding, the up-front preparation for an event will ultimately determine the event's final success.

As an event planner, you instinctively know what Albert Einstein meant when he said:

“Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.”

But you don't have to be an Einstein to do planning properly - just grab yourself a copy of Project Plan 365, and you will instantly become a planning genius.

That's due in part to Project Plan 365's unique ability to help planners work in a collaborative way, hammering out details between subcontractors well before work actually starts.

As an event planner, you first let Project Plan 365 connect you to all the players within a project scenario, and then all can work on the project schedule together, making sure that resources are available and costs are containable, all before the work actually begins.

Now that's smart project planning - Einstein smart!

And there are no complicated server systems or software setups needed here. Anyone that can operate a web browser can setup a Business (PMO) subscription plan, and then anyone that can tap on a tablet can update the plan.

Sometimes simple is best, yes?

While Einstein also said "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious..." we've designed Project Plan 365 to take the mystery out of project planning for those not trained in the discipline.

For example, our real-time collaboration technology (rTc) is a one-click, no-brainer setup, and once set, the status of your event plan is just taps away for those subscribed to Project Plan 365: Business (PMO) plan.

Anyone assigned work just updates their %completes, and then as the team leader, you are always in the know.

But even users subscribed to the Individual (PM) plan can benefit from Project Plan 365's features and functions, and those users can always upgrade subscription plans as needed.

When Artists Team Up...

Story of Two Event Planners

Credit: Scott Housley Photography

When Maggie and Jean first met, it was obvious that a creative powerhouse had been found; with Maggie being a well-known painter, and with Jean being a well-established photographer. When both looked to start a small business together, event planning was an obvious choice, as Jean had many connections in the wedding-planning business.

This creative duo began small, but quickly the new business mushroomed - and all of a sudden they were deluged with logistical challenges; for example, how to corral florists, photographers, caterers, clergy, venue owners and other hospitality reps into the same room, so to speak.

The solution was to employ Business (PMO) plan, and to set up the team for collaboration and cooperation in a digital space. Now Maggie acts as a project manager (who would have thought an oil painter could do that!), with Jean handling the hiring of photographers and other subcontractors.

"We love Project Plan 365, as without it we could not work with as many people as we do, and our event scheduling would not be as coordinated. What a great tool for all of us!"

Industry Solutions...

Turbocharge your business plans by using one of ours: Individual (PM),  Business (PMO) and Enterprise (EPM) subscription plans are available here.