Full Sail Students, Faculty and Staff 


Project Plan 365

Full Sail Students, Faculty, and Staff can download the Project Plan 365 application for free. It’s a Microsoft Project alternative for project management, planning, and team collaboration.

Online & Campus Classes

  1. First-download Project Plan 365 (PP365) for your Mac or PC via the tab above.
  2. Install. Then, open the application.
  3. Close the dialog box by clicking the “X” button in the top right corner
    or click on the Continue with Free Read-Only button.
  4. Follow prompts. Go to the File menu - Account - About.
  5. Click on "Enter Product Key" button.
  6. Copy the Registration License Key that’s located in the Word document instructions.
  7. Paste Key. Click Register. Then close the Register pop up window.
  • Note-make sure that there isn’t a space before or after the Key’s last character.
  1. Now, download this Assignment Template: 4_WBS_Gantt Chart_Assignment 3M-Template 
  2. Click on the downloaded template file to open it. Click on File > Save As > Computer.
  3. Rename the file with the following naming convention:
  4. For example: Frederick_PTM_WBS_092020
  5. That’s the same WBS template that you’ll fill out for your assignment to submit in FSO.
  6. Follow the remaining instructions via FSO's 2.2 Work Breakdown Structure Assignment

Campus Class only

  1. After downloading Project Plan 365 (PP365) from above and completing all of the instructions on the left-Download this Template: WBS_Gantt Chart_Class_PTMP_Date4
  2.  Click on File > Save As > Computer.
  3.  Rename the file by adding the word Practice: e.g. WBS_Gantt Chart_Class_PTMP_Date_Practice
  4. This is the WBS Practice template for campus class only