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Project Plan 365 : Free Online Tutorial for Project Managers

A quick and easy PM training road map for creating MS Project MPP compatible project schedules and collaborating with other team members

Lesson 1: Basics

Lesson 2: Scheduling

Lesson 3: Sharing

Lesson 4: Tracking

Lesson 5: Reporting

Learning Schedule

What is a Project?

Overview Project Plan 365

An Overview

Open Project Plan

What Does What When

What is a Project Management?

General Settings

Save Project Plan

Open from Clouds

Standard Reports

What is a Project Manager?

Set Project Start Date

Publish Options

Modify Task Info

Cost Reports

What are Team Members?

Select Default Schedule Type

Share Link

Insert More Columns

All Views

What is Project Planning?

Create New Tasks (WBS)

Email as Attachment

View Cost Info

All Tables

What is a Project Planning Tool?

Outline Tasks

Edit Tasks

Over Allocations

All Reports

What is Project Plan 365?

View Task Info

Email Alerts

Adjust Schedule

Sorting and Filtering

What is a WBS?

Modify Task Type

View from PC/Desktop

Mark Tasks Complete

Enterprise Reporting

What is a Task?

Create Milestones

View from Tablets

Add Task Notes

Compare Plans

What is a Summary Task?


View from Phones

Zoom/Time Scale

What is a Subtask?

Fonts and Bar Formats

View from Mac

Find Task

What is a Project Summary Task?

Link Tasks

Export Options

What is an Outline?

View Critical Path

What is a Milestone?

View Project Finish Date

What is a Succesor?

Create Resources

What is Predecessor?

Assign Resources and Cost

What is a Task Dependency?

Print Schedule

What is a Task Note?

What is a Completed Task?

Lab A - Create Clock Expo Plan

Lab B - Share Clock Expo Plan

Lab C - Edit Clock Expo Plan

What is a Critical Task?

What is a Critical Path?

What is a Project Resource?

What is a Resource Assignment?

What is a Overallocation?

What is Duration?

What is Work?

What is Cost?

What is Fixed Work Task Type?

What is Fixed Duration Task Type?

What is Fixed Units Task Type?

What is Timescale?

What is a Report?

What is a View?

What is a Gantt Chart?

What is a Network Diagram?

What is a Resource Sheet?

What is a Resource Usage?

What is a Resource Graph?

What is a Task Usage?

What is a Table?

What is a Dashboard?