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Gestures include touch mechanics (what your fingers do on the screen) and touch activities (results of specific gestures).

A touch mechanic may cause different outcomes, depending on the context in which it is used. For example, a long press may select an element like a list item.

A touch activity may be achieved through combining multiple touch mechanics. For example, by using the touch mechanics of pinch open, double-touch, or double-touch and dragging, a user may zoom in on a view.

Available gesture in our android applications:

Grid Gant Chart , Tracking Gant, Task Sheet and Resource Sheet view:
 Actions made
 Double tap on header of a column
 Column definition dialog
 Tap on header of column
 Column resize cursor appear
 Drag column resize icon
 Resize column
 Long tap on a column and drag
 Column move
 Double tap on a task/resource
 Open Task/Resournce information dialog
 Tap on row/cell/column
 Selection of row/cell/column
 Tap on a selected cell
 Start editing
 Long press on a task
 Contextual menu
 Pinch gesture
 Scroll amount varies based on velocity of gesture:  drag with one finger
 Scroll Up/Down
On Gantt Chart view or Tracking Gant view
 Actions made
 Double tap on timescale
 Timescale dialog
 Scroll amount varies based on velocity of gesture: drag with one finger
 Scroll Up/Down
 Tap on a cell(predecessor, resource...)
 Start editing
In open/save on device file picker
 Actions made
 Long tap on a file
 Popover for delete that file