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What does the “Export to PowerPoint” functionality do?

The “Export to PowerPoint” functionality exports project information like statistics in a PPT file (i.e. PowerPoint format). The file exported can be opened in and printed in any compatibility application, like Microsoft PowerPoint or other.

How to make a slideshow in the application?

We are sorry but we don’t have this functionality available in the app. You can use the Export to PowerPoint functionality to create a slideshow of your project. In order to do that, open your project and then go to the File - Export - Export PowerPoint.

How do I export a project to a PowerPoint file?

In order to export your project to PowerPoint enter File - Export - Export PowerPoint.

How can I import from PowerPoint?

We are sorry, but the Import from PowerPoint functionality isn't available in our application at this point.

What is Export schedule?

The export schedule is a functionality that converts a schedule from a format to another format than the one it is currently in.

Can I export to PowerPoint on Mac?

The "Export to PowerPoint" functionality works only on Windows and Web Platforms.

How can I export the .mpp file in a different format?

Our application allows you to export your .MPP files to ExcelPDFImagePowerPointXML, Dashbord and MPP.

Step by step on how to export a project to a PowerPoint file:

1. Click File - Export - Export PowerPoint.


2. Select the desired location, insert the name of the file and click Save.

Export to PowerPoint is available for all views.