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You can use our application in free read-only mode. 

Please open our web application:  

In Free Read-Only Mode you can: 

  1. Open your Microsoft Project file in your browser, with no plugins or download required (open files created with MS Project 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010).
  2. Open MPP files from local device or cloud storage locations. 
  3. View your file in all our supported views
  4. Print your project file
  5. Export your project file (PDF, Excel, Image, PowerPoint, XML)
  6. Generate Reports for your MPP file
  7. See Project Information and Project Statistics
  8. View Task / Resource Information and Notes
  9. Change Tables of views
  10. Apply Filters
  11. Apply AutoFilters
  12. Apply Sort
  13. Change Outline
  14. Use Zoom (in, out, custom)
  15. Change Project Options (date format, currency, time units and outline)
  16. Change Language (12 supported languages)
  17. Send your file as attachment by e-mail
  18. Share your cloud storage located MPP files by link on e-mail
  19. Access your Recent Projects from cloud storage locations
  20. Insert / Hide Column
  21. Change Column definition
  22. See your project file in Split View
  23. Enter Full Screen mode
  24. Format Timescale
  25. Format Layout
  26. Use Find functionality
  27. Use Go To and Scroll To functionalities

How can I use the Proejct Plan 365 application in Free Read-Only mode? 

Once you have installed the Project Plan 365 application, it comes in the Free Read-Only mode. In Free Read-Only mode you can open and read the mpp files. 

Is there a free version that I can use? 

You can use our application in Free Read-Only mode in our web application or installing the application on your local device: 

I can't use the Free Viewer mode without the tool showing me the window to Start the Free Trial. 

When using Project Viewer 365 in free viewer mode, please make sure you are in Gantt Chart, Resource Sheet or Task Sheet view as only these 3 views are free. 

Is Project Plan 365 free or do I have to pay?

You can use our application in free read-only mode and you can open and view the .mpp files. If you want to  advanced features for editing, saving and sharing files, you need to purchase the Standard or the Business Subscription from our website. 

 Can I still view and print app project files after the trial period expires? 

 After your trial expires, you can use our application in free read-only mode and you can view and print your mpp files. 

 How do I get the free version of MS Project? 

In order to use our Project Plan 365 editor tool, you need to purchase the Standard or Business Subscription from our website: Purchase Project Plan. Once you have installed the application on your local device it comes in Free Read-Only mode. 

Project Viewer 365 is the leading viewer for Microsoft Project files allowing users to view, read, share, and print Microsoft® Project MPP files without the need to purchase MS Project Licenses. 

Looking for more than a viewer for MS Project? 

Need to create or edit MPP project plans? Interested in real time collaboration with other members of your team?  Download Project Plan 365 application about the most comprehensive and cost effective planning and collaboration solution for teams from the smallest to the largest global enterprise.