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What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is a cloud storage service that is free for all the owners of a Microsoft account.

Each time I try to use OneDrive or a link to access my Microsoft Project plan, the application crashes.

If the application crashes please download and install our latest application from our website. If this did not solve the issue please submit a ticket at

Can we enforce how Project Plan 365 is used between end users that have OneDrive accounts?

Project Plan 365 does not have a mechanism to enforce, restrict or set policies on how files are saved or shared. This may be achieved via your internal network policies.

Does the product work with OneDrive for Business?

Project Plan 365 allows to open and save files on OneDrive for Business.

How to open a project from OneDrive?

To open a project from OneDrive you need to click File - Open - OneDrive. Login if you are not authenticated yet, select the project and click Open.

Step by step on how to open a project from OneDrive:

1. Click File - Open.

2. Click OneDrive

2.1. If you have a Business account, select OneDrive for Business:

2.2. If you have a regular account, select OneDrive:

3. Connect with your account.

4. Allow Project Plan 365 application to access your files.

5. Select the project and click Open.