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What does the "Project Information" functionality do?

The “Project Information” functionality, as the name describes it, can be used to enter, review, or change initial information for a new project. You can change the project start date, Status date and Calendar.

What is Project finish date?

Project finish date is a date that marks the point in time when the project ends and it is automatically computed and updated by the application.

When can be used the Project Information dialog?

The Project Information can be used when your plans change, you can change the initial start date at any time in the Project Information dialog box. However, if you have applied actual data, such as actual start or finish dates, to tasks, the tasks will not be rescheduled based on the updated project information. In addition, if you have put constraints on tasks, moving the project's start or finish date won't necessarily move all tasks relative to the new date.

How does the project start date affect the schedule?

When you add a new task to a schedule, it automatically is scheduled to start on the project’s start date. As tasks are added to the schedule and connected to other tasks, the start times of tasks will change, and the last task to finish determines the project’s finish date.

When does this project end?

To see the project finish date, please go to the menu Project - Project Information dialog.

Where is the Project Information dialog box?

The Project Information dialog is located under the menu Project - Project Information. The Project Information dialog can be also accessed by going to the File menu – Info tab – Project Information.

How can I set the status date?

In order to set the status date, please go to menu Project - Project Information.

How can I set my project working hours only for night shifts?

To change the calendar of your project go to Project - Project Information - Calendar - Night Shift.

Why is the finish box for the project grayed out?

The project finish date is calculated based on the latest finish date from your tasks.

How do I schedule by end date?

We are sorry, but at this point, you cannot schedule by the finish date.

How do I change the start date for my project?

To change the start date for your project, go to Project - Project Information - Start Date and change it as desired.

How do I open the Project Information dialog?

In order to open Project Information dialog, go on Project menu – Project Information.

How do I check the project cost?

In order to check the project cost, please go to menu Project - Project Information and click on the Statistics button.

Why I can’t see the “Project Information” button in ribbon on the Mac platform?

If the “Project Information” button is not visible in ribbon, please press  "More" button. You should be able to find in the dropdown the button that doesn't fit inside the ribbon because of the small window size.

What does the “Help” button inside the “Project Information” dialog do?

The “Help” button inside the “Project Information” dialog redirects you to the “Project Information” article in our Online Help page.

How do I indicate the current date of the project?

In order to see the current date of your project, go to the Project menu and select "Project Information" option.

I can't click on current date field.

The "Current Date" field in the Project Information dialog isn't editable.

What is Project information?

Project information is a dialog box in which you can view current information for a project.

What is Project?

A project is a set of carefully planned activities whose execution aim at accomplishing well defined objectives; a project has well defined start and end dates and involves several resources which draw some costs.

What is Plan?

A plan is a scheme aimed at achieving specific goals or objectives within a specific timeframe.

What is Project plan?

Project plan si a series of activities that aim at developing an action plan which, if followed, ensures that the goals of the project are fulfilled.

What is schedule?

A schedule can be defined as a timetable for a program or project showing how activities and milestone events are sequenced and phased over the allotted period.

Step by step on how to open the Project Information dialog:

1. Go to menu Project - Project Information.

2. Change the Start Date, the Status Date or the Calendar for your project.

3. You can also view the statistics for your project by pressing on the Statistics button.