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Why am I not allowed to modify the Actual Start and Actual Finish fields?

In our application you cannot change the Actual Start Date, but as a workaround, after you created your plan, please set a baseline in order to see a difference between Planned Start Date and Actual Start Date. In this way, the Scheduled Start date is in fact the Baseline Date.

After this, if your task actually starts on other date you can change the Start Date for that task. This will be the Actual Date. So, the Actual Date is in fact is the Start Date and the Scheduled Date is the Baseline Date you set in the application when you initially created your plan.

What does % Complete field show in Project Plan 365?

The % Complete fields contain the current status of a task, expressed as the percentage of the task's duration that has been completed. You can enter percent complete, or you can have Project Plan 365 calculate it for you based on actual duration.

What steps should I follow in order to track the progress of my project?

When you track the progress of your project, two things will help you the most:

  • Create a baseline before your project gets started.
  • Use the right views to see how things are going.

Tips for Project Tracking:

  1. You can quickly update task status with only a single click on the ribbon.
  2. Track a project by watching how Gantt bars change as work progresses.
  3. The project timeline gives you a snapshot of key tasks and milestones. Just drop it into a PowerPoint slide, print it, or email it for an instant progress report.
  4. Use different reports to view the big picture of project progress.