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What is an Email Attachment?

An Email Attachment is a computer file sent along with an email message.

What does the “Share” tab menu contain?

By adding the Share menu, we create an easy way to find all our Share functionalities in a single place. Share menu contains functionalities like Share as Link, Send as PDF and Collaborate.

What is a Share Link? 

A Share Link is an URL of your project. This is the reason why the project needs to be saved on a cloud storage platform in order to be able to generate it. 

How can I generate a link for my project?

You can get a link to your project only if it is saved on a cloud platform by clicking Share menu - Share as Link or File menu – Share- Share as Link. That will get a link to your project saved on My Projects - Drive 365, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box or SharePoint Online to manually share it with your team. Viewing and updating the project require authentication on the cloud platforms or SharePoint, respectively, and permissions need to be granted there, otherwise, the application will warn the team members that they do not have enough rights to view/update the MPP file. 

I need to link with others in my company.

In order to share the link of your file with other team members, you can save the file in a cloud service and then open the file and go to menu File-Share-Share Link. Copy the link and send it to your team members.

How do I share a project?

In Project Plan 365 you can share a project as a link, as a .MPP file or as a PDF file. To share a project, go to menu Team.

How can I share a project through email link?

You can send an email link with the project only if the project is saved on a cloud service as My Projects -Drive 365, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box or SharePoint Online. To do so, click the menu Share - Share as Link.

Can I see a project from my phone if I received it by email link?

You can view the project on a small screen phone device.

How can I Send as PDF a project file?

To Send a PDF file of a project use Share menu – Send as PDF, a PDF file will be generated based on the project you have. This PDF file is sent as an attachment.

Step by step on how to get a Share Link for your project:

1. Make sure your project is saved on a cloud service.

2. Go to menu Share - Share as Link.

3. If your project is not saved yet in a cloud service, we offer to you in “Share as Link” dialog the possibility to save your .mpp file to Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox and SharePoint.

4. Save your project to the desired cloud service. After this, the “Share as Link” dialog will be displayed, this dialog will contain a generated URL and an Email Address section.

5. Insert the email address or press on “Add another email” button if you need to send to more people.

6. Press Send Link.

7. An email message will be received with a generated URL.

Step by step on how to share a project as PDF:

1. Go to menu Share - Send as PDF.

2. A dialog of the email application opens and you can insert the email addresses of the recipients.

3. Press on Add another email button if you need to send the PDF to more people.

4. Press Send PDF button and a PDF file will be generated based on the project you have. This PDF file is sent as an attachment.

5. A confirmation message will be displayed. In this way, you can send by e-mail the current view to other team members as a PDF file, which they can view, print, etc.

Step by Step on how to collaborate using Project Plan 365 app:

1. Go to menu Share - Collaborate.

2. For more information about how to use the real-time collaboration feature, please read the article below:

Enabling MPP for Real-Time Collaboration