Enabling MPP for Real-Time Collaboration

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Real-Time Collaboration (rTc) is a feature of Project Plan 365's Business (PMO) Plan, and allows multiple users to collaborate in real-time with each other while constructing or updating a project plan stored on Drive 365. For example, a project plan can be set up to allow team members assigned tasks to update their own % completes, thus freeing up the plan owner to do other work.

To set up any .MPP file for rTc, follow this procedure:

  1. Sign in or sign up to the Business (PMO) Plan using your email & password.
  2. If not created, name your Organization when prompted.
  3. Open the MPP file that you want to collaborate on with others, and save to Drive 365.
  4. Select "YES" when prompted to include any resources listed in the MPP file's Resource Sheet to the organization's resource pool.
  5. Check off the resources you want to include, and then tap "EXPORT."
    Note: if you later want to manually add resources, log into the Project Plan 365 Online Portal and click "Resources" to manually invite new users to this collaboration.
  6. Now open this project plan from Drive 365  in "Exclusive Mode."
  7. While in Gantt Chart view, tap the "Collaborate" button and select the columns of data that you want to let others change in real-time.
  8. Optionally select Build Team from Resources while viewing the Resource Sheet to add more collaborators to the plan.
  9. Go to the Team Ribbon to share links to the plan with collaborators.

See Enable Real-Time Collaboration for Microsoft Project MPP files for more info and for video explainers.

For more information please follow the step-by-step scenario below:

Working with Multiple Collaborators

With Project Plan 365 it’s easy to work with others because all team members can have access on your projects and you can edit together, in real-time, the same project but also a manager with Editor role can select witch data can be changed by other team members.

To enable Collaborate mode, you need to:

  1. Have a Business account with Editor role
  2. Save project in My Projects Drive365

  3. Open project in collaborative mode

How to configure Collaborate mode?

In Project Plan 365 real-time collaboration you can specify which columns you want your team to edit (by default all column from Gant Chart Entry table will be editable)

To configure the Collaborate mode you need to have the Editor role and:

  1. Open a project from My Projects-Drive 365
  2. Open project file in Exclusive mode – press Yes in this dialog

  3. Click on Collaborate button in Team menu

  4. Click OK button

  5.Insert/hide project columns and check which columns you want your team to edit

  6.Save the project

  7.When your team members with Collaborator role will open your plan from Organization folder, they will be able to edit just the checked columns.

How to use the Exclusive mode

There are two modes in which you can open a project from Drive 365: exclusive and non-exclusive. In the exclusive mode, you are the only one who can edit the project. In non-exclusive mode, multiple team members can make changes to the same project at the same time.

Only a team member with Editor role can enter in exclusive mode.

In real-time collaboration (non-exclusive mode), the projects can be opened by users with Editor or Collaborator roles.

When opening a project from Drive 365, you need to choose in which mode you want to be in.

If there is another user which has opened the project in exclusive mode, you can’t open or save the project and the following message will appear:

If there is another user which has opened the project in non-exclusive mode, you can open the project in real-time collaboration (non-exclusive mode).

Real-Time Collaboration on Microsoft Project files

After you have a project configured for Collaborate, you can start editing in real-time with your team members. For this, you need to enter in Collaborate:

  • Users with Editor role need to open the project in non-exclusive mode- Press No button in this dialog

  • Users with Collaborator role need to click on Edit button or on Collaborate button (under Team menu)

After entering in collaboration mode, your team can edit in real-time the same project. The list of users which are in collaboration mode at the same time is shown above the grid.

The maximum number of users that can be in collaboration mode is 10.

Each team member has a color assigned and you can see the selected cell of other team members. When a user starts editing a cell in grid, the entire row containing that cell will be shown as gray for other users. When a row is gray, that row is being edited by another user.

The project will be saved automatically in Drive365 every time you make a change. The status of saving is shown in the top right corner:

After 5 minutes of not using the app, while in collaboration mode, a message will appear asking if you are still using the project. The message will remain on screen for 3 minutes. After the 3 minutes pass, the file will be closed and collaboration mode will be exited. 

The value for the period of inactivity (5 minutes default) can be changed following these steps:

  1. Go to File.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select Advanced tab
  4. Enter the desired value in the Collaboration Timeout control. The value must be between 5 and 120 minutes.

In Collaborative mode, you can do the following:

Title Link
Email Linkhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/email-link/
Share Linkhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/share-link/
Date Formathttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/date-format/
Other Settingshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/other-settings/
Apply Constraintshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/apply-constraints/
Assign Resourcehttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/assign-resource/
Calculation Duration, Start and Finishhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/calculation-duration-start-and-finish/
Change task scheduling options defaults for days, weeks, and monthshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/change-task-scheduling-options-defaults-for-days-weeks-and-months/
Critical Pathhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/critical-path/
Early Start and Early Finish fieldshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/early-start-and-early-finish-fields-calculation/
How Late Start and Late Finish fields are calculatedhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/how-late-start-and-late-finish-fields-are-calculated/
Lead and Lag timeshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/lead-and-lag-times/
Link Unlink taskshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/link-unlink-tasks/
Project Trackinghttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/project-tracking/
Set a calendar to a taskhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/set-a-calendar-to-a-task/
Set Milestoneshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/set-milestones/
Set Resource Unitshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/set-resource-units/
Set Start Finish date hourshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/set-start-finish-date-hours/
Set Task Modehttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/set-task-mode/
Set Task Typehttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/set-task-type/
Set the amount of work that people perform on taskshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/set-the-amount-of-work-that-people-perform-on-tasks/
Set the length of task durationhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/set-the-length-of-task-duration/
Set the scheduling units for durationhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/set-the-scheduling-units-for-duration/
Slack calculationhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/slack-calculation/
Bar Styleshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/bar-styles/
Delete multiple taskshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/delete-multiple-tasks/
Delete Taskshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/delete-tasks/
Font Text Stylehttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/font-text-style/
Gantt Chart Actionshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/gantt-chart-actions/
Go Tohttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/go-to/
Insert multiple taskshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/insert-multiple-tasks/
Insert/Hide/Move Columnhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/inserthidemove-column/
Keyboard Shortcutshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/keyboard-shortcuts/
Move Rowhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/move-row/
Outline tasks into subtasks and summary tasks (Indent/Outdent)https://www.projectplan365.com/articles/outline-tasks-into-subtasks-and-summary-tasks-indentoutdent/
Scroll Barhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/scroll-bar/
Scroll Tohttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/scroll-to/
Auto filterhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/filters/
Gantt Charthttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/gantt-chart/
Progress Lineshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/progress-lines/
Split Taskhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/split-task/
Task Informationhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/task-information/
View Outline Levelshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/view-outline-levels/
Null tasks or blank rowshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/null-tasks-or-blank-rows
Manual taskshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/manual-tasks
Summary Assignmentshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/summary-assignments/
Open from My Projects - Drive 365https://www.projectplan365.com/articles/drive365/
All tasks phone viewhttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/all-tasks-view/
Find or Replacehttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/find-or-replace/
Link multiple taskshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/link-multiple-tasks/
Copy paste from external source (Excel/CSV)https://www.projectplan365.com/articles/copy-paste-from-external-source-excelcsv/
Auto Savehttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/auto-save/
Computed Fieldshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/computed-fields/
Custom Fieldshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/custom-fields/
Edit Fieldshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/edit-fields/
Project Fieldshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/project-fields/
Save Fieldshttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/save-fields/
Project Plan 365 Scheduling Enginehttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/scheduling-engine/
Find or Replacehttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/find-or-replace/
Percent Completehttps://www.projectplan365.com/articles/percent-complete/

The following actions are locally (they will not be propagated to other users):

  • Outline (collapse/expand tasks)
  • Sort
  • Filter
  • AutoFilter
  • Table and insert/hide columns
  • Zoom
  • Critical Path
  • Go To
  • Scroll To
  • Timescale
  • Bar Styles
  • Gridlines
  • Layout
  • Progress Lines