Silent Install/Uninstall Project Plan 365 for Win PC/Server

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​​For a Silent Installation of Project Plan 365, use the following generic Silent install command:

msiexec /i ProjectPlan.msi /q [KEY=REGISTRATION_KEY] [SEARCHMSP=1] [ALLUSERS=1]  [ADDLOCAL=Feature1,..,FeatureN]

For a Silent Installation of Project Plan 365 follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Install MSI Program.
  2. Open the Command Prompt Window.
  3. Locate the directory where you copied the ProjectPlan.msi file.
  4. Use the command msiexec /i ProjectPlan.msi /q KEY=license_key
  5. Custom parameters that can be used when installing Project Plan 365:
    • SEARCHMSP=1 - keeps the Microsoft Project file association for .mpp and .mpt files
    • ALLUSERS=1 - installs Housatonic Project Plan 365 for PC for all users that use the computer
    • KEY=license_key - use entered license key to register Housatonic Project Plan 365
To install Project Plan 365 using parameter Product Language:

Use the command msiexec /i ProjectPlan.msi ​ProductLanguage=LanguageID

Parameters description:​

Language ID values are:​

  •       Chinese       2052
  •       Czech          1029
  •       Dutch          1043
  •       English        1033
  •       French         1036
  •       German       1031
  •       Italian          1040
  •       Japanese     1041
  •       Romanian    1048
  •       Russian        1049
  •       Spanish        1034
  •       Swedish        1053

To install Project Plan 365 without any cloud integration:

Use the command msiexec /I ProjectPlan.msi /q ADDLOCAL=ProjectPlan

To install Project Plan 365 with selected clouds, list them comma separated (no spaces) in ADDLOCAL parameter

Use the command msiexec /I ProjectPlan. msi /q ADDLOCAL=ProjectPlan,URL,ProjectServer,SharePoint,Box,Dropbox,OneDrive,GoogleDrive (this command will actually install all clouds)

Example for installing integrations only to MS services:

 msiexec /I ProjectPlan.msi /q ADDLOCAL=ProjectPlan,ProjectServer,SharePoint,OneDrive

Please note that ADDLOCAL is the standard msiexec parameter for installing features (so we'll be no confusion for sysadmins).

To uninstall silently:

Use the command:  msiexec /x ProjectPlan.msi /q ​