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Tables are a set of columns that show specific information about tasks, resources, and assignments in a sheet view. You can use predefined tables to show only the fields you want, or you can create your own tables.

You can import standard tables across different languages.

There are two types of tables:

   Task tables (which are applied to task type views)

   Resource tables (which are applied to resource type views)

Task Tables:Resource Tables
Constraint DatesEarned Value
CostEntry - Material Resources
DelayEntry - Work Resources
Earned ValueEarned Value Cost Indicators
Earned Value Schedule IndicatorsEntry
Agile tasks-

More Tables [1]

Application provides the possibility to create a new table or modify an existing table. If you want to create a new table, point to Table on the Project menu and then select More Tables. To create a task/resource table, click Task/Resource and then click New. In order to modify a task/resource table, click Task/Resources (depending upon the view type), click the name of the table you want to modify in the Tables list, and then click Edit. To create a new table, based on an existing one, click Task/Resource, click the name of the table you want to base your new table on, and then click Copy.

How to create/modify a table:

Insert a name for the table in the Name box.

Select a field name, data alignment, and column width.

Select Yes in the Header Wrapping field to make the column field name wrap onto a second line.

Select a date format for date fields in the Date format box,

Type a number to change the row height in the Row height box.

How to copy a table:

Insert a new name for the table in the Name box.

In the list of fields, change the field name, data alignment, width, title, title alignment, and column header wrapping option for the table columns.

Select  a date format in the Date format box.

Type a new number in the Row height box to change the default row height for rows in your table.

[1] This is supported only in Project Viewer for Win PC/Server Project Viewer for Mac, Project Viewer for iPad, Project Plan 365 for Win PC/Server, Project Plan 365 for Mac, Project Plan 365 for iPad products.