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What does the "Task Notification" functionality do?

The "Task Notification" functionality allows you to export a specific task to your personal calendar and set a reminder for it.

Does the Task Notification feature is available for Standard Subscription?

The Task Notification feature is available only for the Business Subscription.

How do I set a reminder for a task? 

To set a notification for a specific task, select the task and go to the menu Task – Task Information. On the Notification tab, set the Reminder and the Details you want to export then click on the Set notification button. Another way to open the Notification tab is to right-click on that specific task and select the Export to My Calendar option from the contextual menu.

Step by step on how to set notification/alert for a specific task: 

1. Select the desired task and go to menu Task – Task Information 

2. On Notification tab select the desired options. 

Reminder – when should a reminder be set for each task 

Details – what details are included in event body

Note: Another way to open the Notification tab is to right click on the desired task and select the Export to My Calendar option from contextual menu. 

3. Press on the Set notification button to open the Add appointment window. 

4. Click on the Save & Close button.