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Description  The Task Sheet view displays information about each task (such as task duration, start and finish dates, and cost) in a sheet format.

Best uses    Use the Task Sheet view to:

  • View a list of tasks and task information quickly when you don't need to see the information graphically over time.
  • Review progress by comparing planned (baseline) dates and actual start and finish dates, and by checking the progress of each task.

For planner products only:

  • Create a list of tasks and task information quickly when you don't need to see the information graphically over time.
  • Establish sequential task dependencies by linking tasks. When you link tasks, you can see how a change in the duration of one task affects the start and finish dates of other tasks, as well as the project finish date.
  • Assign personnel and other resources to tasks.

   Customization    To make the Task Sheet view fit your needs exactly, you can customize it or create a new version. When you save your project, the customized view is saved with the project file. To customize the Task Sheet view, you can:

  • Change the information that is displayed.
  • Format individual information to pay attention to it. For example, you can apply bold formatting to an important finish date or assign a different font to an overallocated resource.
  • Format a type of information to distinguish that type of information from all other types of information. For example, you can format all summary tasks as italic text, format all milestone tasks as bold text and increase the size of all column headings.
  • Change the gridlines to enhance the readability or clarity of the Task Sheet view. For example, you can specify different line patterns and colors for field, row and title gridlines.
  • Create a combination view to display additional information about the tasks in the Task Sheet view or about the resources assigned to those tasks.

Tables   The Task Sheet view displays categories of information about the tasks, arranged in tables. The default table for the Task Sheet view is the Entry table, but you can select any of the task tables to display information about the project's tasks.

Filters    The Task Sheet view can use any of the task filters to display only the tasks you want to see. When you select a filter, the Task Sheet view displays the information as defined by that filter's criteria. The default filter is the All Tasks filter.

Grouping [2]    The Task Sheet view allows you to group tasks.

[1] This is supported only in Project Viewer for Win PC/Server, Project Viewer for Win Web/Server, Project Viewer Online Subscription, Project Viewer for SharePoint Server, Project Viewer for SharePoint Online, Project Plan 365 for Win PC/Server, Project Plan 365 for Win Web/Server, Project Plan 365 Online Subscription, Project Plan 365 for SharePoint Server and Project Plan 365 for SharePoint Online products

[2] This is supported only in Project Viewer for Win PC/Server product