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View your team's work with Team Planner view.

Team Planner view offers project managers greater visibility into, and control over, their team's work.

To view team work:

  1. On the Ribbon, click the View tab.
  2. Click on Team Planner menu option.

The Team Planner view appears. One row is displayed for each resource in the project. On the left, resource names appear. All of the tasks that a resource is assigned to, appear on the same row on the right. Resource tasks that don't have a start date or end date also appear on the left next to the resource name.

Tasks that are not assigned to anyone appear at the bottom.

  1. A completed task
    This task is a completed task with 100 percent actual work
  2. Two tasks assigned to same person
    The top task is automatically scheduled and partially completed (indicated by the color change on the bar). The bottom task is manually scheduled. Both are scheduled at the same time to the same person. The resulting overallocation is indicated by red lines.
  3. An unscheduled task
    This task is assigned to a specific person, but it doesn't have enough scheduling information to become a scheduled task.
  4. An unassigned task
    This task has not been assigned to anyone.

Tip   The color of the task gives you useful information about its scheduling state. For example, portions of bar that are dark blue indicate actual work. Green tasks are manually scheduled.

Here are other ways you can use the Team Planner.

To do this
Take this action
View nonworking time
A person's nonworking time will appear as gray vertical bars. Double-click the vertical bars to see more details about the nonworking time.
Select multiple items
Hold down CTRL while clicking multiple resource or task names. You can also drag the mouse over multiple items to select them.
Move items using the  keyboard
You can navigate through items in Team Planner using the arrows keys. To scroll the view, use ALT + arrow.
Get quick information  about tasks
Hover over a task to read important and useful information about how it is being schedule. You'll find that the old familiar tooltips have been greatly expanded to help you make important scheduling decisions.


Customize the Team Planner

You can change the way the Team Planner appears to suit your needs and to make the view more attractive.

  1. On the Ribbon, click the View tab.
  2. Click on Team Planner menu option.
  3. Do one of the following actions.
To do this
Take this action
View more or less detail
Use the Zoom options to change how much time is displayed in the right side of the view.
Change the appearance of nonworking time [1]
Right click in a blank area of the right side of the view (not on a task), and then click Nonworking Time.

[1] This is supported only in Project Viewer for Win PC/Server and Project Plan 365 for Win PC/Server products