FAQCategory: Import/ExportHow can I export to Excel tasks with Filter?

How can I export to Excel tasks with Filter?

1 Answers

To export to Excel tasks with Filter on Windows and Mac platforms, for the desired project, go to menu File – Export – Export to Excel. In the Export Wizard dialog that appears, select the Selected Data option and click Next. In the Map Options section select Tasks then click Next. In the Task Mapping section, open the Export Filter drop-down menu and select the desired filter. Type in a name for the Worksheet, write or select the desired task fields or base table and click Finish. The file will be exported with the selected filter. Tips: You can move the rows order by selecting a row and clicking on up/down arrows near Move. You can add/remove rows by clicking Insert Row or Delete Row buttons. You can add/remove all the available resource fields by clicking Add All or Clear All buttons.