FAQCategory: ShareHow do I use the Exclusive and Real-Time Collaboration modes?

How do I use the Exclusive and Real-Time Collaboration modes?

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There are two modes in which you can open a project from Drive 365: exclusive and real-time collaboration. In the exclusive mode, you are the only one who can edit the project if you are the first editor who opened it. If another editor wants to open the same file, he will have the possibility to edit the file in Read-Only Mode but cannot overwrite it. In real-time collaboration mode, multiple team members can make changes to the same project at the same time. Only a team member with an Editor role can enter in exclusive or real-time collaboration mode. As an editor, when opening a project from Drive 365, it will be automatically opened in Exclusive mode if the file is not opened in Exclusive mode by another team member. If the file is already opened in exclusive mode by another team member, you will receive the following message:“Currently the project is opened by … in Editing Mode. Click ‘Read-Only’ to open the file in read-only mode.” Click on the Read-Only button to open the project. You will be able to edit the file but won’t be able to save it over the original file from Drive 365, instead you can save it to a different storage location. Click on the Cancel button if you don’t want to open the project in Read-Only mode. If the file is already opened in Real-Time Collaboration mode, you will automatically enter also in Collaboration mode.