FAQCategory: Open ProjectWhy am I not able to connect to SharePoint?

Why am I not able to connect to SharePoint?

1 Answers

To open project plans from SharePoint, please follow the steps below:

  1. First, enter the URL address of the SharePoint site in File – Open – SharePoint – SharePoint Settings – OK.
  2. Go to File – Open SharePoint – Open from SharePoint – SharePoint Site – click OK or edit the link as desired.
  3. Type the user and password in the log window.
  4. A list of projects available on SharePoint will be displayed, from where you can choose the project you want to access.

There are several ways to open a project from the Open from SharePoint file picker:

  1. Double click on a project;
  2. Select a project and click Open button;
  3. Right-click on a project and select Open in contextual menu;
  4. Select a project and click Enter key.