Lesson 8: Modify Task Info

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Once the schedule was created, before starting the execution of your project, you can anytime review the tasks from your project and change the information associated with a task if required.

With Project Plan 365 you can easily change information about a task by using the Task Information dialog, which comes up when double-clicking on a task in left side grid of Gantt Chart or by pressing on Task Information option under Task menu.

 Additionally you can use the right panel of Gantt Chart to modify other fields of a task or simply type the new value in the desired cell in left side Gantt grid.

For instance, you can change the duration for a task to represent more accurately how long it will take. To do this, from the View menu, choose Gantt Chart. Then in the Duration field for the task duration you want to change, type the duration you want and press Enter key. Also you can change the name, type of dependency or assignment units of the resource assigned to that task.

For more information about what options you can change about a task, click the Help button located in the bottom left corner of the Task Information dialog.


   1. Use Project Plan 365 to open the project created during Lab 6 - Share Construction Plan. Use FileOpen → Computer option to open the project plan that resides on your local disk. Let’s suppose that you want to modify the name for "Prepare and submit project schedule" task into "Prepare, review and submit project schedule". Select this task in the left table and press on Task Information option to bring up the Task Information dialog. In the Name box set the new name of the task: "Prepare, review and submit project schedule".

            Click OK button to apply this change. If you look in the left table, you can see now the updated name of the task. Your project plan should look like below:

        2. At the same time, you can also change the duration of a task to represent more accurately how long it will take. You can adjust the duration of a task by using the numeric up-down control in the Duration column. Let’s suppose that you want to increase the duration for "Pour concrete elevator walls". For this, locate the duration cell corresponding to this task and using the up arrow of the numeric control, set the task duration to 3 days:

        3. If you look in the left table, notice how this change draws updates in the schedule. More exactly the finish date changes and the work value for this task increases, also the duration and work for its summary task, as well as the finish date and the number of work hours needed in the whole project:


4. In the right side of Gantt Chart, hover over the taskbar corresponding to this task. It will show you the new duration and finish date of this task and other associated information.

       5. In addition, you can change the information associated to a task by performing several actions in the right panel of Gantt Chart. For instance, you may also increase or decrease the duration of a task by resizing the bar associated to the task. In this way, you can adjust in a visually manner the duration of a specific task in your project. Suppose that you want to increase with 1 day the duration of "Strip wall forms" task. To resize a taskbar, in the right chart first locate the end portion of the bar. Then hold down the mouse and move the virtually displayed taskbar to the right to increase the task duration. Release the mouse when you are satisfied to the resulted duration of your task. When you’re finished, you should see in the left side table, 3 days in the Duration column for this task:

        In a similar manner, you could have moved the taskbar to the left to shorten the duration of your task.


If you prefer to see things in action, rather than reading text, watch out this video, which covers some of the topics from this section.

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