Lesson 9: Go To

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Go To functionality selects the task or resource whose task ID or resource ID you specify, or scrolls to the date you specify.

Application goes only to tasks or resources that are not filtered out in the current view.

If it cannot find the ID or date you specify, it displays a message stating that it cannot find a matching task or resource.

The Go To option can be found in the Project menu.



When pressing the Go To option, a dialog will be displayed from where you can specify the ID and the Date.



ID: Type the ID of the task or resource you want to go to.

Date: Type the date you want to go to. The Date box is available for the Calendar and for views that use a timescale.


   1. Using the commercial construction project plan, let's suppose that in the left side grid of Gantt Chart view you want to go to the task on the row with ID = 32, which has specified a deadline. To go directly to the row = 32, where the task is, instead of scrolling down in the table to reach it, you will find handy the Go To option from the Project menu. Once you’ve pressed on it, a dialog will appear from where you can indicate the ID of the task you want to go to. Let’s type 32 corresponding to ID.



          2. After pressing OK button, you’ll notice that it appears selected the task on row 32, whose ID you’ve previously specified.



       3. Now in the current view, let's assume that only certain tasks are displayed after applying a filter. In this sense, go to the Project menu, press on Filter and choose Critical.



          4. After this, press on Go To option and in the ID text field enter 40. Since the task on the row with ID = 40 is not displayed in the current view, a message will appear stating that it cannot find a matching task.



          Note: Click Help button to find more about Go To functionality.


If you prefer to see things in action, rather than reading text, watch out this video, which covers some of the topics from this section.

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