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What does the “Cancel Subscription” functionality do?

The “Cancel Susbcription” functionality allows you to cancel your subscription while you are in the trial period.

How can I cancel my trial on Project Plan 365?

If you downloaded the trial version from App / iTunes Store then Apple store will bill you automatically after 30 days. You need to make sure you cancel your subscription before 30 days. We have no access to your account and cannot reach them on your behalf: Apple Support.

In Windows Store - they will ask you to confirm that you agree with the purchase so you can say No: Microsoft Support.

And with the account created on our website, please go in our Online Portal and in My Account page click on the Cancel Subscription button. Insert the reason and a comment then click on the Cancel Subscription button. Please know that when your trial expires we do nothing - the only thing it’s that once the trial expires you will not be able to use it until you purchase it.​

How to cancel my subscription from App Store?

To cancel your subscription from App Store please follow the instruction from Apple Support.

How to cancel the Business Trial Subscription and revert to Standard Subscription?

To revert to Standard Subscription after you started the Business trial please follow these steps:
1. Go to Online Portal.
2. Sign In with your email and password.
4. In My Account page, click on Cancel Subscription button.
5. Sign Out and back Sign In inside application with your email and password.

I upgraded to Business Trial and I would like to cancel the Standard Trial before it kicked in at the end of the 30 days trial.

On our website, once you upgraded to Business Trial Subscription, you won't be charged after your Standard Trial Subscription expires. We don't automatically charge your card after your trial expires. 

How do I stop the next renewal?

If you have bought the subscription from App Store and you want to cancel the renewal, you will need to follow the steps from Apple Support as we have no control over your apple account. 

Why after I canceled the Business Trial, I cannot revert to Business Trial?

If you canceled the Business Trial, you cannot revert to Business Trial.

Step by step on how to cancel your subscription on our website while you are in trial:

1. Go to our Online Portal.

2. Sign In with your email and password.

3. In My Account page click on the Cancel Subscription button.

4. Select the reason and insert a comment then click on the Cancel Subscription button.

Note: Once you canceled the subscription, your trial expires and you cannot use any longer the full editor features.