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What does the “Move Project” functionality do? 

The “Move Project” functionality adjusts the start and finish dates for all tasks based on the new project start date.  

How do I move my project to start on another date? 

To move the project to another start date please go to menu File - Options and in Advanced tab check “Show project summary task”. Press OK. 
Then, in Gantt Chart select for the Project summary task the % complete to 0%. After this go to menu Project - Move Project and select the date you want. 

I changed the start date of my project from Project Information dialog but the dates are the same.

If you are trying to change the start date of your project but it doesn’t work it is because in your project you have some tasks that have constraints applied. If you don’t want to remove the constraints in the project, you can use the “Move Project” functionality in the Project menu in order to change the Start Date of your project.

How do I change all dates from an old project? 

To change all dates from an old project you need to move the project start date. Go to menu Project – Move Project and select another date and click OK. Make sure that the % complete for your tasks is 0%.

Why I can’t see the “Move Project” button in ribbon on the Mac platform?

If the “Move Project” button is not visible in ribbon, please press  "More" button. You should be able to find in the dropdown the button that doesn't fit inside the ribbon because of the small window size.

What does the “Help” button inside the “Move Project” dialog do?

The “Help” button inside the “Move Project” dialog redirects you to the “Move Project” article in our Online Help page.

Step by step on how to move your project to another start date:

1. If you want all of the tasks from the project to have their start dates and finish dates adjusted even the ones that have a percent complete higher than zero follow this step, if not go to step 2.  

Click File – Options – Advanced tab – check “Show project summary task” and press OK. 

Then, in Gantt Chart set for the Project summary task the % complete to 0%. 

 2. Click on the Project tab – Move Project and select the new start date for the project and press OK. 

If you want the deadlines to be moved, check the “Move deadlines” box, if not, uncheck it.