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What is a local device?

A local device is a physical device such as hard disk or printer that is not attached at some other point on the network as remote devices.

Does opening a file from local device on the free viewer (web version) cause data to be sent over the internet, or does it remain within my network?

Data is sent over a secure SSL encrypted connection to our web server, processed on the server then deleted from the memory. Data is not stored on the server.

I have an issue opening a mpp file from local device.

​​If you have issue opening a .mpp file you might be in one of the following cases:

1. You are trying to open a newer MS Project mpp file with an older version of our app.
2. You may have a corrupt mpp file.
3. There may be a bug in our system.

How do I open a project from my local device?

To open a project from your local device is the same as opening in any program. Select File - Open - Computer and choose the desired project then click Open. 

Step by step on how to open a project from your local device:

1. Click File - Open.

2. Click Computer. Search for the project in file Explorer, select it and click Open.