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What are Recent Files? 

Recent Files are files that have been opened or edited in the recent past.  

How do I open a project that I recently used? 

To open a project that has been recently used go to File - Open - Recent Projects.  

How to clean recent files list in Project Plan 365?

To clear the Recent Files list go to menu File - Options - Advanced tab and uncheck the Recently used file list. Then, restart the application.

How do I change the number of projects that appear in my Recent Projects? 

To change the number of files that appear in the list of recently used files click on File - Options - Advanced - click the number of files you want to display.  

What is Recent files list?

Recent files list is a list of files that have been recently accessed.

Step by step on how to open a project recently used: 

1. Click FileOpen.


2. Select Recent Projects and select the desired project from the list.

Step by step on how to change the number of items appearing in the Recent Projects list:

1. Click FileOptionsAdvanced.


2. Make sure the Recently used file list is marked and select de desired number of entries then press OK. Restart the application.