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Our reseller network is over 200 members strong and consists mostly of businesses engaged in project management consulting, IT solutions and software development & distribution. 

Feel free to use a local company near you and consider these folks a PM resource and point of reference for any of our products. 

If your company would like to be added to this growing list - and more importantly - wants to help folks within their community with all things Project Plan 365, justcontact us at 

What is a Project Plan 365 authorized reseller?

A Project Plan 365 authorized reseller is allowed to re-sell Project Plan 365 licenses to their clients.

Who are Project Plan 365 authorized resellers?

Here is a link to Project Plan 365 authorized resellers:

How do I become a Project Plan 365 reseller?

In order to become a Project Plan 365 authorized reseller please contact us via

What is the reseller discount for Project Plan 365 Subscription?

The discount is typically driven by the size of the opportunity, prior relationship with us and client size.

How do I place a reseller order?

The reseller order may be placed via a Purchase Order.

How do I know the reseller order was completed?

Once the order was fulfilled we will email you an email with the invoice attached.

How do I pay for a reseller order?

Resellers pay online with a Credit Card.

How do I get a reseller quote?

In order to receive a reseller quote please send us the client name, client address and the number of licenses required for the quote.

Why become a Project Plan 365 authorized reseller?

As an authorized Project Plan 365 reseller you gain access to various price discounts and special volume cost specials.

What is Purchase order?

A purchase order represents a buyer-generated document that authorizes a purchase transaction.

What is Reseller?

A reseller is a type of partner that acts as an intermediary between companies that make or distribute IT products or services.

What is Reseller discount?

A reseller discount is a deduction from the face amount of an invoice for partner that acts as an intermediary between companies.