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If I buy the perpetual model and do not sign up for maintenance and support will the product still work?

If you buy the perpetual model but do not pay for maintenance and support you will still be able to use the product but will not get access to latest releases or support unless the product is repurchase at full price. 

If I buy the perpetual model will I pay only for support and maintenance in the future?

The payment for the perpetual model is made once. In the first payment, it is included one year of free maintenance and support. After this, you will need to pay for yearly support and maintenance or use the application with no access to the latest updates or support. 

How to buy the Project Plan 365?

To purchase the Project Plan 365 app, please go to our Purchase page.

Does the Enterprise license have any geographical restrictions?

There is no geographical restriction on the Enterprise model. You can use the Enterprise license key on any Windows or Mac device. 

On what platforms can I use the perpetual license?

The perpetual licenses can be used only on Mac and Windows devices. 

What is the minimum quantity of licenses for Enterprise Plan?

For Project Plan 365 the minimum quantity is 25 users and for Project Viewer 365  the minimum quantity is 5 users. 

Is there a number I can call to get licensing information?

If you have any question about your license, please submit a ticket with your questions at Contact Support.

What is the cost of the software in Canadian Dollars?

The Project Plan 365 costs are in US dollars and the costs can be found at https://www.projectplan365.com/purchase/. 

What are the subscription terms if I buy?

Our terms and conditions can be found here: Terms

How much does the perpetual license cost?

To find the prices for perpetual license, please visit the following page: 

https://www.projectplan365.com/purchase/ - Project Plan 365 

https://projectviewercentral.com/purchase/ - Project Viewer 365 

How do I purchase the Enterprise Plan?

To purchase the Enterprise Plan, please go to our Purchase page on our website. Select the desired number of licenses and click on the Buy Subscriptions button. If the desired quantity is not listed on our website, please submit a ticket to our support team. Enter your credit card details. You will receive an order confirmation email with the attached invoice and license key. 

Step by step on how to purchase the Enterprise Plan (Perpetual License): 

1. Go to our Purchase page. 

2. On Enterprise Plan section select the desired quantity and click on Buy Subscriptions button. 

3. Insert your credit card details.

4. You will receive an order confirmation mail on the email address you used when you placed the order. The mail includes also the attached invoice.