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A calendar that specifies working and nonworking time for an individual resource. A resource calendar differs from a base calendar, which specifies working and nonworking time for more than one resource. You can use resource calendars to define unique exceptions for individual resources, such as vacations, different working days, or different shifts

​ Resource calendars   ​
These are usually based on the Project calendar at the time of resource creation. You can change working time or nonworking time for specific resources or a set of resources, ensuring that resources are scheduled only when they are available for work. If you have changed working or nonworking time on a resource calendar and the resource is assigned to a task, the task is scheduled during the working time on the resource calendar. This may also affect the finish date of the task.
Resources can either inherit the nonworking time from the base calendar, or override this time with nonworking time settings on the resource calendar

For each resource you enter, application creates individual resource calendars based on the settings in the Standard calendar. You can modify those calendars on the Change Working Time tab of the Project menu. You can also create and assign resource calendars for individual resources or resource groups to indicate specific working hours; for example, you can assign a resource to the swing shift or night shift. You can edit resources' calendars to indicate nonworking time, such as vacations and leaves of absence.
Select From calendar list any individual resource calendar and edit as you need.

Assign a base calendar to a resource

After establishing a base calendar for a specialized schedule (other than the Standard project calendar), you can base a resource's working times on this calendar.

  1. On the View menu, click Resource Sheet.
  2. In the Resource Name field, select the resource you want to assign a calendar to.
  3. In the Base calendar column, select the calendar you want to assign to the resource.

For example, if the selected resource works the night shift, click Night Shift to assign this as the resource's base calendar.

By default, the Standard calendar is the project calendar. The project calendar is applied to all resources as you add them. You can either assign a different base calendar to the resource, or you can modify the individual resource calendar.​