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What does the “Unstarted Tasks” report do? 

The "Unstarted Tasks" report displays a list with information for tasks that have 0% complete (have no actual start date saved).

How do I create an Unstarted Tasks report? 

In order to create the Unstarted Tasks report for your plan, go to menu Report – Current Activities - Unstarted Tasks. 

How do I export the Unstarted Tasks report?

To Export the Unstarted Tasks report, go to menu Report – Current Activities – select the Unstarted Tasks report – click Export – select the exporting format (Excel, Word, XML, PDF or image) and the location where you want to save it and click Save.

What does the “Help” button inside the “Choose Report” dialog do?

The “Help” button inside the “Choose Report” dialog redirects us to the “Custom Reports” article in our Online Help page.

Step by step on how to create Unstarted Tasks report:

1. Open the desired MPP file.

2. Go to menu Report - Current Activities.

3. Select Unstarted Tasks and click on the Select button.

4. The Unstarted Tasks report is created.

Note: The Unstarted Tasks report will contain all tasks with percent complete 0% from the project. The columns showed in this report depend on the columns displayed in Gantt Chart view.