Set Project Baseline

Project Plan 365 provides an easy way to establish a project baseline so that you can compare it with your up-to-date schedule later in the project.

Setting a baseline will help you visualize and attain your project schedule, work and cost objectives.

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Set Project Baseline

Benefits of Setting Project Baseline

• The project baseline provides a standard to measure the progress of the project.

• Setting the project baseline will give you the capability to estimate the project scope, schedule, costs, and benefits.

• The process of tracking baselines in Project Plan 365 is quite simple due to multiple views (Gantt Chart, Tracking Gantt etc.) and tables (Variance, Baseline etc.)

Setting project baseline works on any operating system: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or any web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, etc.

Project Plan 365 allows you to export the .MPP files to any format both on Mac and Windows.