Lesson 5: Insert Hide Move Column

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Project Plan 365 allows you to insert or hide columns in Gantt Chart type views, such that in the end will result a custom view where only certain information will be displayed, according to the your needs.

Insert Column feature is available for Gantt Chart, Tracking Gantt, Resource Sheet, Task Usage and Resource Usage views and enables you to add a column to the sheet list of the current view by selecting them in the field name combo-box. You may also change the columns order, alignment or width.

The columns width can be adjusted manually by dragging with the mouse, to left (in order to minimize the width) or right (to enlarge it) the margins of the headers in the task sheet. All the changes made in the task sheet regarding the inserted or hidden columns, width, title alignment, etc. will be reflected in the printed page.

The Insert Column and Hide column options can be accessed from the Format menu:

Field name - displays a list of available fields that can be viewed in the sheet panel.

Title - is used to rename the selected field.

Align - aligns (right/center/left) the column name and the column content.

Width - specifies what width the selected column would have in the sheet panel.

You can also insert or hide a column in a sheet view, either a task type (i.e. Gantt Chart, Tracking Gantt or Task Sheet) or resource type view (i.e. Resource Sheet), by right-clicking on a column name in the table header and selecting Insert Column or Hide Column option from the displayed contextual menu. The newly added column will be inserted in the sheet to the left of the selected column.

Note: When you remove a column (field) from a table, you hide that column. Hiding a column does not remove information from your project file.

Besides inserting and hiding columns in grid based views, you can also move a column by changing its order in the grid relative to the other columns. In order to achieve this, click on the column name cell from the table header to select the entire column, hold down the column, drag it and release it in front of the column where you want to place it.

You will notice that when the entire column is selected, the mouse changes its icon when is hovered over the column name from the table header. The vertical dividing line that appears as bolded (look at the blue arrow in the below printscreen) indicates the position where will be placed the moved column.

Note: In case is needed, immediately after you insert, hide or move a column, you can use Undo or Redo options to go one step backward or forward relative to your recent changes.

image003.gif  Practice

1. In the current commercial construction project, select the Resource Names column, go to Format menu and select Insert Column option to add a new column (Succesors) in the left grid of Gantt Chart view. To add a new column in your project you can also right click on a cell from the header of left side table and from the contextual menu choose Insert Column... option:

        Press OK button and your project should look like below:
2. We can change the relative order in the grid of the Successors column by using the move columns functionality. Let's move the position of Successors column such as to be now in front of Duration column. To achieve this, select the Successors column and hold down on it, drag it and release it in front of Duration column. You should obtain the following:

3. We no longer need to view the values from Successor column, so we use the Hide Column option to remove this column. To hide the Successor column, select it by clicking on the Successor cell from the top grid header and then click on Hide Column option. You should obtain the following:


image003.gif  Video

If you prefer to see things in action, rather than reading text, watch out this video, which covers some of the topics from this section.

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