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What does “Resource Form” functionality do?

The Resource Form functionality allows you to iterate through all the resources one by one and see details about them. You can right click anywhere on the view to select other information to be displayed.

How do I apply Resource Form view?

To apply Resource Form view, go to View BarResource Form.

What resource information can be displayed in Resource Form view?

In Resource Form view you can display Schedule details, Cost details, Work details, Notes and Objects.

Is there any way to set a default view?

To set a view by default, the Editor needs to save the file with that specific view being opened.

I can’t find the Resource Form view in my Mac application.

We are sorry but the Resource Form view isn’t available in our Mac application at this moment.

Step by step on how to use the Resource Form view:

1. In the View Bar, select Resource Form.

2. You will notice that the view changes. It displays Schedule details about resources.

3. To iterate through all the resources, use Previous and Next buttons.

4. Right click anywhere on the view to select other information to be displayed, such as Cost, Work, Notes and Objects.