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How can I Sign Up to start a business trial?
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You can start a Business Trial by following these steps:
1. Create an account on our Online Portal page: https://www.projectplan365.com/ups/Account/SignIn.
2. In Account page click on Upgrade to Business button.
3. Insert the name of your Business and click on Create button.

How can I revert to Business subscription if I canceled the subscription?
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If you canceled your subscription and want to revert to the Business Subscription please follow these steps:
1. Go to Online Portal page: https://www.projectplan365.com/ups/Account/SignIn
2. Sign In with your email and password.
3. In Account page, click on Upgrade to Business button.

If I purchase the Individual Subscription can I upgrade to Business Subscription?
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To upgrade from the Individual Subscription to Business Subscription please Sign In with your email and password in our Online Portal page. Then, click on Upgrade to Business button in Account page.​