Introducing Erix – Your Virtual PM Assistant

Introducing Erix - Your New PM Assistant!

HELLO WORLD, and welcome to the 4th wave of the Industrial Revolution. This latest iteration of tech is marked by voice-activated AI, expanded robotics, IoT, autonomous vehicles and more... including software that solves tough problems - as well as performing menial or repetitive tasks best offloaded to a virtual assistant in the first place.

With that said, we would like to introduce you to Erix, the world's first Project Management (PM) Assistant built into your app. To introduce yourself to Erix, just open up Project Plan 365 and look to the upper-right corner. 

Introducing Erix 1.0...

Erix 1.0 is currently an in-app chatbot that interacts with  with you via the keyboard. You type in PM-related questions, such as:

  • What is a WBS? 
  • What is Critical Path? 
  • What is a Milestone?

Then Erix provides answers to these kinds of basic PM questions, and can also handle "How do I..." and "What is..." type  queries.

In short, Erix 1.0 can help newer project managers with PM terms and methodolgies, without ever taking their eyes off the screen.

However, Erix is not stopping there...

Next Up, Erix 2.0...

The next iteration of Erix will do more, as this assistant becomes more intelligent over time and more familiar with the data sitting in your plans. 

In Erix  2.0, you will be able to interact with your .MPP-formatted project files, and essentially help you improve your plans, just as any human team member can. For example, Erix will be able to answer questions about your plan-in-progress such as: 

  • Show me the Critical Path.
  • When is the next Milestone due?
  • What tasks are running late?

Erix will give project managers a capable & smart assistant, without an added resource cost! In addition, any Microsoft Project user will be able to interact with Erix, by simply opening up the .MPP file in Project Plan 365.

Erix 3.0 and beyond...

Once Erix has graduated and is a certified PMP (from PMI)Erix will be able to: 

  1. Help you pass your own PMI certification exams.
  2. Solicit real-world experiences from the PM the community (to help Erix better solve PM problems) using big data.
  3. Support voice conversations between Siri and Google Assistant, allowing voice conversations between users of the app and Erix itself.
Look up and right for Erix
Ask Erix anything and help Erix learn
Let Erix know if Erix was helpful - or not!

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