Lesson 5: Lab 4 Resources and Costs

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      Lab 4 - Resources and Costs

        Using Project Plan 365 application, work on entering costs and assigning resources to tasks to the commercial construction project created during Lab 3 - Add Calendars. Perform in order the following steps:

  • Step 1: Learn how to enter costs in your schedule by using Project Plan 365 (see Practice section from Enter Costs topic)
  • Step 2: Learn how to assign resources to the tasks in your schedule (see Practice section from Assign Resources to Tasks topic)
  • Step 3: Learn how you can insert, hide and move columns (see Practice section from Insert Hide Move Column topic)
  • Step 4: Learn how you can view cost related information of your project (see Practice section from View Cost Info topic)
  • Step 5: Learn about resource overallocation and how it can be seen in your project (see Practice section from Resource Overallocation topic)

         At the end of these steps, you should obtain a project plan like CommercialConstruction_lesson5.mpp .

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