Lesson 8: Lab 7 Track Commercial Construction Plan

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    Lab 7 - Track Construction Plan


        Using Project Plan 365 for PC/Server application, work on the project plan describing the construction of an office building, created during Lab 6 - Share Construction Plan. This should cover tracking and adjusting your project before starting its execution. Perform in order the following steps:

  • Step 1: Open your project plan from the local device. (see Practice section from Open Project Plan topic)
  • Step 2: Open your project plan from a cloud storage location. (see Practice section from Open from Clouds topic)
  • Step 3: Edit various information associated to a task. (see Practice section from Modify Task Info topic)
  • Step 4: Set a baseline that can help you to track your project. (see Practice section from Baseline topic)
  • Step 5: Find out which is the finish date of your project. (see Practice section from View Project Finish Date topic)
  • Step 6: Adjust the schedule such as to meet a deadline and adjust the cost of a resource. (see Practice section from Adjust Schedule topic)

         At the end of these steps, you should obtain a project plan like      CommercialConstruction_lesson8.

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