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Calibri font sizes 10, 11, and 12 are extremely small and barely able to be read selected to be used in the project plan.
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Your reported issue was fixed.
Please download and install the latest app from link below:

So within an application on iOS you can read/write/delete files which are used only by your application. If you create a new plan, and select to save it, you can do so locally by selecting Device as the location and providing a filename. I can also open your app and select open and again select Device, I can open a locally stored file. What I cannot do is remove a file that is on my device which I create with you app. Other applications tend to have this on the open interfaces, you can swipe, tap and hold, or select an edit mode where you can then delete a file. Another option other apps sometimes provide is the ability to manage application files from iTunes. You can move files back and forth between devices (look at adobe reader as an example for both options). So currently with your app on iOS I can create all the projects I want on my device, but I have no way to remove them!

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We have possibility to delete the mpp from device, please do next steps:
Open application
Go File - Open from Device
From File Explorer locate mpp to delete
Long tap on mpp icon until delete options appear

I have bought the program project view365Hi, my problem is to search activity in diagram gantt, where is the button search?Thank you​
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Please download and install the latest app from App Store and see if the issue is fixed.

I was just downloading the free version to my iPhone and tried to open one of my Microsoft Project plans, and I get the following message
switch (format) (type=14): Index was
outside the bounds of the array
Like to buy your app but I am not sure if it works well with Microsoft Project Professional 2016.
Any ideas to make it work?

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Please download and install the latest app from App Store(version 4.0.50524)