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Advanced View-Only
Complete Editor
Suppo​rted formats (MPP 98, MPP 2003, MPP 2007, MPP 2010, MPP 2013, MPP 2016), XML
Open From Device
Open From URL
Open From Google Drive
Open From Dropbox
Open From SharePoint
Open From Box
Open From OneDrive and OneDrive for Business
Open Recent Files
Open Sample Project
Multi-language support (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Czech, Romanian, Japanese, Chinese)
Gantt Chart
Resource Sheet
Task Sheet
View Outline Levels (Outline level 1, Outline level 2, Outline level 3)
Basic Sort in task views (by Start Date, by Finish Date, by ID)
Basic Sort in resource views (by Cost, by name, by ID)
Change order of columns
Task Information (General, Predecessors, Resources, Advanced, Notes, Custom Fields information)
Resource Infor​mation (General, Cost, Notes, Custom Fields information)
Task dependency information
Online Help
Network Diagram
Tracking Gantt
Task Usage
Resource Usage
Advanced Sort in task views (Ascending, Descending, Multiple criteria, by % Complete, % Work Complete, Active, Actual Cost, Actual Duration, Actual Finish, Actual Overtime Cost, Actual Overtime Work, Actual Start, Actual Work, etc.)
Advanced Sort in resource views (Ascending, Descending, Multiple criteria, by % Work Complete, Accrue At, Actual Cost, Actual Finish, Actual Overtime Cost, Actual Overtime Work, Actual Start, Actual Work, etc.)
Sort by custom/user-defined fields (task and resource views)
Task Filters (All Tasks, Critical Tasks, Milestones, Summary Tasks, Completed Tasks, Cost Greater Than... , Cost Over budget, Created After..., Date Range..., Incomplete Tasks, In progress tasks, Late/Over budget tasks assigned to..., Linked fields, Resource Group..., Should start by..., Should start/finish by..., Slipped/Late Progress, Slipping Tasks, Task Range... , Tasks with a Task Calendar assigned, Tasks with Attachments, Tasks with Deadlines, Tasks with Estimated Durations, Tasks with Fixed Dates, Tasks/Assignments with Overtime, Top Level Tasks, Unstarted Tasks, Using Resource in Date Range..., Using Resource..., Work Over budget)
Resource Filters (All Resources, Overallocated Resources, Cost Greater than... , Cost Overbudget, Created After..., Date Range... , Group... , In Progress Assignments, Linked fields, Overbudget Resources, Resource Range... , Resources - Cost, Resources - Material, Resources - Work, Resources with Attachments, Resources/Assignments with Overtime, Should start by... , Should start/finish by... , Slipped/Late Progress, Slipping Assignments, Unstarted Assignments, Work Complete, Work Incomplete, Work Overbudget)
Custom filters (task and resource filters)
Basic Timescale/zoom settings (1 Weeks, 2 Weeks, 1 Month, 3 Months, 1 Year, Entire Project)
Advanced Timescale settings (more timescale options: Top Tier, Middle Tier, Bottom Tier)
Tasks Tables (Baseline, Constraint Dates, Cost, Delay, Earned Value, Earned Value Cost Indicators, Earned Value Schedule Indicators, Entry, Export, Hyperlink, Rollup, Schedule, Summary, Tracking, Usage, Variance, Work)
Resources Tables (Cost, Earned Value, Entry - Material Resources, Entry - Work Resources, Entry, Export, Hyperlink, Summary, Usage, Work)
Insert/Hide Column
Reports (Overview, Current Activities, Costs, Assignments, Workload, Custom)
Export to PDF
Export to Excel
Export to Image
Export to XML
Export to MPP
Assignment Information (General, Tracking, Notes)
Recurring task information
Project information
Project statistics
Select All
Scroll To
Go To
Options for view only projects (change date format, change currency, etc)
Copy tasks/resources
Manual tasks
Create New Blank Projects
Create New from Existing Project
Save project as mpp
Save project to device
Save project to Google Drive
Save project to SharePoint
Save project to Box
Save project to OneDrive and OneDrive for Business
Edit tasks/resources
Undo, Redo modifications
Cut tasks/resources
Paste tasks/resources
Outdent, Indent tasks
Link, Unlink tasks
Insert tasks
Delete tasks
Insert resources
Delete resources
Insert recurring tasks
Move project
Critical path
Change working time (Add calendars, edit calendars, add exceptions, etc.)
Bar Styles template
Options for editor (change project name, change project's start date, change project's calendar, schedule options, change default task type etc)