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​The Subscriptions functionality allows a user to unlock additional functionalities for Project Plan 365 for Web, to better match his project planning needs. In this sense, a user has the possibility to start a free trial for Project Plan 365 for Web in either Advanced Viewer or Complete Editor mode, or to buy a subscription for Advanced Viewer or Complete Editor for Project Plan 365 for Web. Thus, the user can either has a trial or paid subscription for Advanced View-Only or Complete Editor mode of Project Plan 365 for Web. Based on the type of subscription the user has purchased, the application can be in either Advanced View-Only or Complete Editor mode. Therefore, there are four types of available subscriptions: free trial (for Advanced View-Only and Complete Editor mode), and paid (for Advanced View-Only and Complete Editor mode).

Each subscription, whether it is of free trial or paid mode, has associated a start and end date, which dictates the moment in time when a subscription may expire. A free trial subscription has a period of 30 days, whilst a paid subscription lasts one year, and it can be renewed annually. Thus, the status of a subscription can be either active or expired.

Please note that in order to start a trial or to buy a subscription, a user needs to have an account on website, and it is required to sign in with his account within Project Plan 365 for Web. At the first time when opening the application, when the user has not signed in or when his account is not associated with any subscription, Project Plan 365 for Web is in Free Viewer mode. In this case, the application is locked and most of its functionalities cannot be accessed.

Once a user started a trial, he can no longer start another trial. To start another trial, you must Sign Out and use another account to sign in the application.

The subscription functionality brings the concept of universal platform subscription (UPS), such that once a user purchased a subscription for Project Plan 365, he can use it across several platforms on which Project Plan 365 is available such as: Windows, Mac, iOS (tablet and phone), Android (tablet and phone). Therefore, the user does not need to purchase multiple subscriptions in order to use Project Plan 365 application on different platforms.

In the following it will be described the possible scenarios that may arise as part of the UPS flow.

At the beginning, when no trial was started or no subscription was bought, Project Plan 365 for Web is in Free Viewer mode, and most of the functionalities cannot be accessed (i.e. a lock indicator will be shown next to the functionalities that are not available in Free Viewer mode).

Product Features
New Project
Create New Project
Global Settings
New Blank Project
New from Existing Project
New from Template
Options dialog
Set Project Start Date
Open Project
Folder Explorer
Open from BaseCamp
Open from Box
Open from Dropbox
Open from My Projects - Drive 365
Open from Email Attachment
Open from Google Drive
Open from Local Device
Open from OneDrive
Open OneDrive for Business
Open from Project Server
Open from Project Online
Open from SharePoint Online
Open from SharePoint Task List
Open from URL
Open MPP from other Web Applications
Open Recent Files
Open Sample Project
Open XML
Save Project
Auto Save
Save As
Warning Messages on Save
Save Password Protected Files
Import from Excel or CSV
Import from XML
Import from Smartsheet
Import from XMind
Import from MindManager
Export to CSV
Export to Image
Export to MPP
Export to My Calendar
Export to PDF
Export to PowerPoint
Export to XML
Supported formats
earlier 2007
Enabling MPP for Real-Time Collaboration
Delete Multiple Tasks
Delete Task
Insert Multiple Tasks
Insert Recurring Task
Insert Task
Link Unlink Tasks
Manual Tasks
My Tasks
Null Tasks or Blank Rows
Set Milestones
Set Task Duration
Set Task Mode
Set Task Type
Split Task
Task Information
Task Notes
Task Notification
Undo Redo
Assign Resource
Delete Resource
Enter Pay Rates for Resources
Insert Multiple Resources
Insert Resource
Resource Information
Resource Leveling
Resource Merge
Resource Notes
Resource Overallocation
Manage Team Members
Set Resource Units
Set the Amount of Work That People Perform on Tasks
Summary Assignments
Restrict Project Editing
Page Setup
Print for Web
Print Preview
Budget Report
Burndown Report
Cash Flow Report
Completed Tasks Report
Critical Tasks Report
Custom Reports
Earned Value Report
Milestones Report
Overallocated Resources Report
Overbudget Resources Report
Overbudget Tasks Report
Project Summary Report
Resource Material Report
Resource Usage Report
Resource Work Report
Risk Management
S-Curve Report
Should Have Started Tasks Report
Splipping Tasks Report
Task Usage Report
Tasks in Progress Report
Tasks Starting Soon Report
Task Report
To Do List Report
Top Level Tasks Report
Unstarted Tasks Report
User Activity
Who Does What Report
Who Does What When Report
Working Days Report
Project Tracking
Assignments Filters
Computed Fields
Costs Filters
Current Activities Filters
Custom Fields
Edit fields
Go To
Outline Tasks into Subtasks and Summary Tasks (Indent/Outdent)
Overview Filters
Project Fields
Project Information
Project Online Fields
Save Fields
Scroll To
Set Status Date
View Outline Levels
Master project and subprojects
Apply Constraints
Calculation Duration, Start and Finish
Change task scheduling options defaults for days, weeks, and months
Change working days
Critical Path
Early Start and Early Finish fields
Inactive tasks
Late Start and Late Finish fields
Lead and Lag times
Max Units
Project Plan 365 Scheduling Engine
Project Tracking
Assignments Peak Units
Set Start Finish date hours
Set the scheduling units for duration
Move Project
Slack calculation
Standard Time Phase data
Percent Complete
Base Calendars
Schedule Calendar
Project Calendars
Set a Calendar to a Task
Set Resource Calendar
Languages and impact on Project Plan 365 calendars
Date Format
Advanced Options
Bar Styles
Font Text Style
Full Screen
Gantt Chart Actions
Gantt Chart Style
Insert/Hide/Move Column
Keyboard Shortcuts for Web
Move Row
Scroll Bar
Split Window
View Bar
Bubble View
Custom Views
Resource Usage
Resource Form
Resource Graph
Assignment Information
Calendar View
Gantt Chart
More Views
Network Diagram
Resource Sheet
Task Sheet
Task Usage
Task Form
Team Planner
Toolbar view name list
Tracking Gantt
Other Features
Erix Chatbot
Compatibility of Project Plan 365 with Microsoft Project
Subscription Web Options
Online Training
Free Viewer
Project Plan 365 Assistant Browser Extension
Cost Resources
Cost Tracking
Install Project Plan 365 for Web
System Requirements
Sign Up to Project Plan 365
Sign In to Project Plan 365
Start 30-Day Standard Trial
Start 30-Day Business Trial
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Change Business Name
Cancel Subscription
Forgot Password
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View All the Projects from Drive 365
Restore Subscription
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